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France Suspends 3,000 Healthcare Workers For Not Getting COVID Shot

The French Health Minister announced that 3,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers across France were suspended without pay. According to press reports, all of France’s 2.7 million healthcare workers, fire fighters and ambulance staff needed to get a jab by Wednesday unless they had a reason considered valid by French authorities.

But “a large number of these suspensions are only temporary,” said Health Minister Olivier Veran, who expects that many people will submit to the shots once “they see the vaccination mandate is a reality.” He told RTL radio it was mostly support staff, with very few nurses included in the layoffs.

Estimates are that as many as 270,000 healthcare workers in France are yet to be vaccinated. In just one hospital in Nice, 450 staff out of 7,500 have not gotten the jab and have been suspended, according to reports.

In Italy, 728 doctors have been suspended for not being vaccinated, according to an Italian doctors federation.

In upstate New York, one hospital has stopped delivering babies due to a large number of staff walking out in response to the mandates. Lewis County General Hospital announced it would be pausing maternity services because dozens of staff members quit rather than get the vaccine shots.

However, a judge recently put a temporary halt to New York’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in response to a lawsuit filed by healthcare workers angered by a lack of a religious exemption in the regulation.France Suspends 3,000 Healthcare Workers For Not Getting COVID Shot

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