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From 'The World Business Council for Sustainable Development' Vision 2050: Time to Transform


"The world faces three critical challenges: the climate emergency, nature loss and mounting inequality. The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated that these challenges are interconnected, and that our systems are ill-prepared for shocks."

Here we go. It's all falling into place.


•Decarbonizing the global energy system moves up the political agenda, driven by

widespread public activism. This leads to more ambitious policy action to support zero carbon energy carriers, including carbon pricing and energy taxation. Policies are designed to protect consumer purchasing power.

•Businesses increasingly switch to zero carbon energy. A range of different sectors come to rely on technology that needs clean energy, creating further demand.

•Significant players in the global economy, including the financial sector, continue to divest from fossil fuel-related activity to support the transition to net-zero carbon energy sources.

•Public awareness campaigns, education initiatives and advertising empower people with better information on where their energy comes from, and its impacts. At the same time, technological developments and financial incentives help people to take up more sustainable energy offerings."

Behavioural change and financial investments...???


The circular economy principles of reduce, reuse, repair, refurbish and recycle have been embraced by individuals, businesses and governments. Goods and services are made universally available in a manner that neither exceeds the planet’s capacity to renew resources nor pollutes the natural environment. New policies, business models, industrial

ecosystems and diversified materials have arisen to support the circular economy,

generating significant market value as well as a wealth of skills development and employment opportunities across both developed and emerging economies."

The circular economy will only work via the abolition of private property and ownership.

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Beyond the caring and compassionate words of this document is the presentation of our future. They are telling us what the future will be and how they will shape it.

Do you understand what they mean? They mean they think they are in control, and your life will just simply be reimagined, regardless of your goals. This is not what a free society looks or sounds like. The climate change agenda is political. Just like covid-19, it will be used to drive through these economic and societal changes. The "science" is political rhetoric and suppression of actual science. Remember 'climategate' and the intentional manipulation of the data?

The fact it is the "The World Business Council for Sustainable Development" shows you what the trajectory of the world is: Global governance.

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