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Geert Vanden Bossche: C-19 vaccination of children is merely based on immunological ignorance

I am issuing this response to the recent contribution (Dec 10th 2021) of M. Binkhorst on LinkedIn. In his poorly formulated Op-ed, which is basically a compilation of resources he compiled from the internet, none of which is relevant criticism of my insights, Binkhorst attempts to make the case for administration of mRNA vaccines to children.It is simply mind-blowing that a medical doctor who – as a pediatrician – is supposed to take care of children is blindly advocating for the use of mRNA vaccines amongst them. As is quickly evident from his posting, M. Binkhorst is completely ignorant about the vital role of innate immunity in fighting several infectious agents (including several respiratory viruses causing acute self-limiting infection or disease). Based upon the literature he is citing it is clear that his understanding of the innate immune system is limited to its role in providing inflammatory cytokines that modulate and regulate immune responses. Apparently, this medical doctor is unaware that the innate immune system is e...

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