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Gov: COVID19 "threat to the NHS for at least the next five years" and Pfizer says jabs needed

Remember when the vaccine was the way out?! Haha.

Oh man, it's all bollocks. I can't believe the public are so easily misled.

Pfizer Boss Predicts Annual COVID-19 Booster Vaccines Will Likely Be Needed for Many Years to Come

People will likely need to have annual COVID-19 booster shots for many years to come, the head of Pfizer told the BBC on Thursday (Dec. 2).

Dr. Albert Bourla said he thought repeated injections would be needed to maintain a "very high level of protection" and warned the "fundamental structure of our society would be threatened" without COVID-19 vaccines.

Pfizer will generate at least $35 billion of COVID-19 vaccine sales this year and has seen its share price soar. Bourla was unapologetic about making a such a huge profit, claiming that "the bottom line is millions of lives were saved."

"We have saved the global economy trillions of dollars."

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