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Granit Xhaka (Arsenal player refuses vaccine) - Manager tries to enforce the medical procedure

Mikel Arteta to crack down on Arsenal’s Covid vaccine rebels with Granit Xhaka stuck in Switzerland after positive test

MIKEL ARTETA is cracking down on Arsenal’s vaccine rebels after Granit Xhaka became the latest Gunner to contract Covid.

Midfielder Xhaka, 28, remains in quarantine in Switzerland after testing positive while on international duty with the Swiss last week.

And boss Arteta is rapidly running out of patience with his players who ignore the club’s medical advice to get double jabbed.

He said: “Players will be limited in certain aspects if they don’t have the vaccine because we don’t want to expose ourselves to the virus.

“If they are travelling or socialising in certain places and they are not vaccinated, the risk increases a lot and we don’t want any of that within our group because the team will pay the price.

“We are trying to explain the reasons why we believe it’s the right thing to do and make sure that everyone understands all the facts.

“Some players don’t want to be vaccinated because maybe it’s a health issue, maybe it’s a contradiction that he has, his beliefs or the way he has been educated.

“But we want what is best for the club by trying to minimise the risk of any player contracting the virus and passing it on to anyone else.

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Unfortunately for Mikel he lives in a free country, and one of the conditions of living in a free country is you cannot force people to take medical procedures (not even your employees.) It's a real pain I know. Life would be so much easier if you could just make everyone do what you believe is right. Luckily for Mikel, the UK Government is making the same mistake. They have no right to enforce or coerce medical mandates, despite what they believe. Let's hope they don't both learn this lesson the hard way.

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