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Health Passports incoming - another conspiracy theory!

You know, at some point - people may have to actually stop and ask - are the"conspiracy theorists" right?

Yes, we are. Because, we're not conspiracy theorists. I for example, follow the money and observe corruption. I see the same individuals and organisations playing the same games over and over again. I source all my information from the organisations themselves. Whilst I can never claim to know the whole picture - I know lies when I see them. The establishment survive on faith of the people. People are good at heart and the elite know this and pray on their innocence. Most people can never imagine the scale of corruption that actually exists. Tedros Adhanom for example is probably in the top ten of the most evil people on the planet, but he's in charge of the world's health, in theory.

Anyway, here's the our certificate of vaccination contract - "the new normal." We will now be considered ill and disease-ridden until proven healthy. Guilty until proven innocent - the epitome of the authoritarian State. The exact opposite of what the free country stands for.

How insidious can you get? If you're on your way to a wedding but get a negative test - you're banned. No symptoms? No matter! We have PCR tests that will dish out millions of false positives everyday. You are owned and controlled. It won't matter if you do not feel ill. The establishment will tell you, you're ill. You will never a be free person ever again. If you think this stops at covid-19 you're the biggest fool in the room and deserve the future you're bringing in for us.

Grow up.



Covid-19 Passport, Dept of Health and Social Care -

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