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The Agenda Weekly:

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COVID-19 will likely become endemic. What that means for all of us. ⇒ Explore: Global Health Transformation Map Half of the world’s children live in high-risk areas for climate change. ⇒ Explore: Climate Change Transformation Map

On the Agenda

Accelerate the energy transition — with the help of artificial intelligence. When Afghans flee, here’s where they’re finding refuge. Doing deeper work: how to make systematic social change happen. 25 quintillion bytes of daily data need a human-centric approach. The future of finance? Personalized sustainable investing. Digital inclusion for all — especially those who need it most.

On our radar

When climate change hits food prices, rich countries will feel pain too. Why trade wars are really class wars — and losers don’t know they’re losers. Espionage, assassination and the modern factory.

The World Economic Forum in the news

How to solve the biggest global challenges. Discussion between Prof Klaus Schwab and Christine Lagarde. (Time Magazine)

Stop plastics proliferation. References New Plastics Economy Report (New York Times) A new route for urban transport. Interview with Forum urban transformation lead. (Automotive News) How a top advisory group stepped up climate change efforts. Cites Forum Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders. (Financial Times) Will South Africa elect more women to local government? Draws data from Gender Gap Report. (Daily Maverick)

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