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Huw Pill hired by Bank of England - another Goldman Sachs man

It's getting all too predictable isn't it?

The banksters are everywhere and are swapped around like a deck of cards.

From the Bank of England press release:

The Court of the Bank of England has appointed Huw Pill as Chief Economist and Executive Director for Monetary Analysis. Huw will also become a member of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Huw joins the Bank of England from Harvard Business School, where he has been senior lecturer since 2018. He had previously been Chief European Economist at Goldman Sachs, prior to which he held a series of senior posts at the European Central Bank. Huw has previously worked for the Bank as an economist (1990-1992).

Huw will report to the Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy, Ben Broadbent. He will start his role at the Bank of England on 6 September.

Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor, said: “I am delighted about the appointment of Huw Pill as the Bank’s new Chief Economist. His breadth of experience across monetary policy, economic research and financial markets will be invaluable to the Bank and the MPC.”

Andrew Bailey, Governor, said: “Huw will make a major contribution to monetary policy – and to the broader work of the Bank. I greatly look forward to working with him.”

Huw Pill said: “It is a great privilege to rejoin the Bank and have the opportunity to contribute to the work of the MPC and the Bank more broadly at what remains a challenging time for monetary policy and central banking.”

He indeed has an impressive resume. He's saturated with establishment roles and international banking positions. The Great Reset is going full steam ahead!

His recent activity on LinkedIn can provide some interesting insight into his views. He liked the following:

  1. Holding Cash is important but it has it's price

  2. Fintech start up raises $250 million, valued at $2.65 billion

As I have deleted all social media, I cannot read the articles on LinkedIn, however, with the introduction of 'Britcoin' announced by the other Goldman Sachs shill, Rishi Sunak - it makes sense they're going to bring someone in who is all in favour of the digital prison.

If we want to change the direction, do not waste your time with Westminster. Those wet tissues have no power or say. We need to end the Bank of England, once and for all!

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