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If testing of school CHILDREN is accepted - we have failed as human beings

I could probably just leave it there.

Are you in favour of this? How could you possibly be? What do you want your children to think? They're already being told Santa has been vaccinated as if he could be a disease ridden monster. How can you not see what is happening? They're implanting the message that the Government is the saviour of all, even the mythical. Who's next? Will Jesus have to be vaccinated before his second-coming?

If you believe this to be a good idea, then please read the following with an open mind and just consider the consequences.

Firstly, when the Government say "it won't be compulsory" this is a lie because the schools will implement this new tyranny without a second thought. The unions have long forgotten about the children's needs, it's only concerned about pleasing teachers and they're driving this fear agenda. Schools will roll this out as quickly as they rolled out the masks and pointless bubbles without any analysis of the science whatsoever. Do the unions care that the PCR tests are as reliable as a broken clock? Nope. They only care about perceptions. Even if it harms the very children they claim to care about.

Just imagine what your children have been going through this year. Their perspective of other human beings has been changed forever. No longer will they act on impulse and run to hug their grandparents - they will now fight this urge and ask if it is safe beforehand. Does that sound sane to you? All of their instincts have been up ended for a virus that has a recovery rate of way over 99% - the same rate as the flu. This has been blown completely out of proportion, and now they're targeting the children even more intently to flex their new authoritarian muscles.

If the Government begin testing school children in January, and you comply, you have failed as a parent. You have welcomed in "the new abnormal" and sacrificed your children's innocence for it's right to exist. I cannot stress how insidious it is for the Government and the filth called 'the unions' to call for mass testing of perfectly healthy children. Let's not forget - "asymptomatic" are "HEALTHY" children. There is no need to test healthy people. This is 'guilty until proven innocent.' The Government are now saying "you're ill until we say you're not.' This is exactly the type of insidious laws the authoritarian Governments around the world implement. They hold the power and you rely on their decision on what your life is like. This is not compatible with a free people. How could you even possibly believe this is a sensible action by the Government? It completely inverts the relationship between the people and the state. The state is meant to be controlled by the people - these type of laws - proving negatives - are the antithesis of this relationship. This is Hitler and Stalin levels of propaganda and control.

If society allows this to happen, the children should never forgive their parents. The children will begin to understand, it's not the parents that look after them and tell them what is safe - it is the Government. Your children will now belong to the state. Period. This is pure authoritarianism. All kids will know is fear. They will always rely on the new fascist-medical complex to know if they're a safe human to conduct normal life activities. This virus is not the plague.

Try doing this one thing for me: turn off the radio and TV for a day. Sit down and think about the following - "Are there an abnormally high number of people I know that are ill during this so called pandemic?"

The answer is no. It is all on the TV screen. Your politicians and news readers know it's all hyper inflated propaganda. Look at Nicola Sturgeon, even she is ignoring her own rules, just like every other leader. They're laughing at you. And now, they're grooming your children to teach them to learn that the authority in their lives is not you - it's the Government. That is not what a free society is meant to do.

I think most people are still under the illusion that this is a one off, that this will stop when everyone is vaccinated. This this will not stop at covid-19. The Gates of Hell have been opened and they will never shut. Too many interests are making money and implementing their desires for this to end. There's already the new strain which is "even more contagious and deadly." Is there any evidence presented of this? No. We're just told this is the case. Pfizer is already creating new vaccines to combat covid-19 - why? Clearly, this vaccine does not work as they are creating new ones already. This is why they are telling you the vaccine will not end the pandemic. The pandemic will never end.

This is the new normal and it is here to stay.

Do you want your children to live a normal life or not?

There is no pandemic. There's no disproportionate amount of ill people in your life. There is no reason for this. You must start being wiser and thinking for yourself. There is a way out of it, it is very simple - you just say, no. You have done as they said for a year, it has not worked. They are making life even harder, and the long term consequences even deadlier. The data clearly shows this virus is not a danger and it will not swamp the NHS. We are bringing in something so much worse than a virus that the history books will look back at us as fat, dumb, lazy fools who were manipulated and frightened by the most simple propaganda in history.

Remember, a "case" is when an individual has a positive test with symptoms, and is hospitalised. The media are saying "cases" are positive PCR tests. This is propaganda.

You must start thinking about the long term consequences of your acquiescence. The children are already suffering. Do not subject them to a life of compulsory testing and health passports to where their ability to live a normal life could be taken away from them at any moment. You are in charge of your children's health, not the Government. But, the Government will happily replace you should you let them. The Government's dream position is to present itself to the children as the answer. It will forever grow. They have no incentive not to target children. It's the adults who need to prevent this. This means more critical thinking, being a bit wiser and a bit braver than you're currently being.

Perhaps the media choose to word the headlines as "Mass Testing of Schools" instead of "Mass Testing of children" because they know more people might be more hesitant if it read "children." Language is very important in shaping desired outcomes. After all, that's why the SAGE committee are primarily behavioral scientists instead of medical experts.


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