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Insects replacing meat has been the plan for years

PepsiCo has been experimenting with alternative sources of protein for years now — including from crickets to mealworms -- almost as if the WEF strategic partner was aware the food supply was to “fundamentally transform” in the years to come: [2017] PepsiCo — the food company that makes snacks like Doritos, Cheetos, and Quaker Oats cereal — is looking for alternative protein sources for its products. These non-traditional proteins could include plant-based protein, mycoprotein (a protein made from mushrooms), or insect protein. The request also mentioned that PepsiCo has already done extensive work with soy, moringa (a protein powder made from dried leaves), duckweed, cricket powder, pea protein, dairy, single cell protein, and mealworm powder (generally made from roasted and milled mealworms). Source:

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