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Interesting take about Lockdown queues:

This was a comment made by Computing Forever.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had several years ago with a friend of mine whose relatives worked in farming and agriculture in Ireland. We’d been talking about the so-called Irish Potato famine and he told me that thankfully, the chances of a famine occurring in the 1st and even 2nd World is basically nil.

The advances in agriculture are too great, the methods too efficient, technology’s ability to help us adapt to even dire weather conditions too sophisticated, for famine to ever be something to really affect us.

Now I know it’s not an “expert opinion” and maybe he is somewhat wrong, but I think he is also somewhat right. So when I see that for the past decade there has been a push to get us off eating this or eating that, or more importantly a push towards eating this or eating that, when I see that influential organizations and figures are very, very interested in farmland and what we put on our plates, and when I see that public opinion is mostly opposed to these organizations’ plans, it really shouldn’t be “schizo posting” to notice how a war in Europe’s breadbasket is, if not necessary, certainly useful for bringing about the changes desired by the ruling fat cats.

I say this because a common response is to charge that if the elites wanted to do something , they’d just do it. They don’t need to create elaborate excuses like a “pandemic” or a war. Well actually, yes, they do. As Mr BlackRock himself said, they need to “force behaviour”. No one under normal 1st world conditions would accept having to choose between eating lentils or Beyond Meat. But if you collapse the food supply, now you can force behaviour.

I don’t see why this is a difficult thing for some people to see. It’s not like there isn’t precedent for this sort of thing. Whether by design or by opportunism, history is full of world events being directed towards ulterior motives, guided by the “invisible hand”.

They were priming us for food shortages during the height of the covid scamdemic. During the first lockdown the public were being trained to queue for food with those ridiculous social distancing queues outside of supermarkets, which were reminiscent of communist food queues. The behavioral scientists were experimenting on us and successfully established that westerners we're sufficiently docile enough to comply with pretty much any absurd instructions they were given. They now know the right kind of crisis they can hit certain control switches and achieve desired behaviors from the public.

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