Is this an opportunity?

There is an irony that I think needs addressing. For many of us, the threat of the Great Reset gives us all a very cold chill down our spines. For those familiar with the "Green New Deal", "stakeholder capitalism" and the "Agenda 30 - Sustainable Development" agendas, it is clear the future of humanity is to be a little less orientated towards freedom, and a little more geared towards centralisation (to put it kindly.)

It has long been desired by the Intentional Groups such as the Davos Group, World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations among many others to initiate a more permanent control in our affairs. The Great Reset looks to be the beginning of Government orientated (controlled) markets, intruding even further into our lives via the "merging of biology and AI." Yes, there is a lot to be concerned about.

All these prospects are terrifying, and anyone who has any wisdom or knowledge of how valuable individual freedom is, knows how dangerous this is. It is no coincidence all the Governments in the West have adopted the same slogan which was introduced by the World Economic Forum back in April - "Build Back Better."

However, put aside the Globalist vision of their Great Reset. I spot a unique opportunity for lovers of liberty to be optimistic. The irony is, we do need a Reset. We need to restructure our political set up, address issues that's plagued us for generations like central banking, corporate corruption, mainstream media corruption etc. How disgusting has the politicisation of science been during this "pandemic"? We've observed outright lies regarding the necessity of masks, covid death records being reported fraudulently and even reporting of 'cases' has been completely inverted. A positive test is not a case. I won't even get into the PCR test.

Leaving the deceit to one side, the leaders of the world have ensured the complete economic collapse. The banking system was already well overdue to crash. Now, the Globalists believe this anarchy will go in their favour and we’ll come begging to be taken care of. I do not believe this will be the case. I hold the hope that the hunger for individual freedom which is growing in the UK will continue. I firmly believe there is room for optimism and the philosophy of liberty will have its greatest impact since the conception of the United States. I do not believe the UK will become a Libertarian country in ten years, however we plainly see people desiring freedom like never before. People are looking at our Government and wondering what on earth are they doing? The complete contradictions are too obvious to ignore. Soon they will begin to realise, can the institution that can't even fix potholes really protect me from a virus? The worse this gets, the more exposure of the incompetence of the Government will become, and the stronger the desire to be rid of it will grow.

People who pursue liberty have no better opportunity than the next few years. We’re in for a tough time socially, economically and spiritually, but we’re already being proven right. People do not like large, centralised, unnacountable bodies of power. We crave localisation and decentralisation.

There is a Reset, perhaps a “Restart” coming soon. It is our obligation to steer it towards decentralisation, accountability and individual freedoms.

Freedom is a message that can never be defeated, only delayed. There is always hope that the post pandemic future can be rooted in individual freedom and love instead of centralisation and fear, after all - the Great Reset has not happened yet.