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Yet another drug is proven beyond doubt to cure covid-19. It's called Ivermectin, but our NHS cartel, governments and general swamp do not wish to report it. I can't be bothered to explain why, yet again. At it's least sinister, it's a racket, designed to give the pharmaceutical companies a large sum. At it's most sinister, it is to use this "vaccine" which contains no dead virus to experiment on the population and "accidentally" cause mass infertility - for climate change purposes (obviously.)

Here's the evidence - read it for yourself.

Dr. Pierre Kory, president of the FLCCC Alliance testifies before Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs looking into early outpatient COVID-19 treatment:

“It is true that these rapidly emerging studies demonstrate the power of Ivermectin, a repurposed, 40-year-old drug first approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for treating parasitic infections,” said Dr. Paul Marik, the founder of the FLCCC Alliance, Professor of Medicine and the most highly published Critical Care physician in America. “Furthermore, over the last four decades, Ivermectin has been used safely by 3.7 billion people."

Why it works so well in COVID-19 is that Ivermectin has shown very high activity fighting both the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as the inflammation produced in all stages of COVID-19. It works pre-and post-exposure, the early symptoms phase and late-stage disease,” continued Dr. Marik. “New and highly compelling data has emerged since August—which is the last time the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reviewed or updated their data. We now know from numerous and increasing randomized controlled trials that Ivermectin inhibits the SARS virus and prevents the virus from multiplying. Study after study shows consistent and reproducible efficacy.”

In response to this evidence, the pharmaceutical companies and owned government bodies cried out - "no meta-analysis!"

In steps Dr Tess Lawrie , director of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy in the UK. She took 15 studies and conducted the meta-analysis. She proved the Ivermectin group within the studies were undeniably more likely to survive. She's been asking to meet the Prime Minister, she's emailed all the health overlords but no one's interested. I wonder why.

Here's the discussion and conclusion of her meta-analysis:


This review and meta-analysis confirms that ivermectin substantially reduces the risk of a

person dying from COVID-19 by probably somewhere in the region of 65% to 92% according

to RCT data. The uncertainty in the evidence relates to the precise extent of the reduction,

not in the effectiveness of ivermectin itself. Similarly, when ivermectin is used as

prophylaxis among health care workers and contacts, it is clear that ivermectin substantially

reduces COVID-19 infections, probably somewhere in the region of 88% (82% to 92%). Data

from numerous currently active RCTs will help to determine the precise extent of its

protective effect in these at risk groups.

Despite the FLCCC’s strong recommendation that ivermectin should be implemented

globally to save lives from COVID-19, most governments and health professionals still

appear to be unaware of this profoundly effective COVID-19 treatment. Not only is

ivermectin a safe, effective and well-known medicine, at an estimated cost of less than 10

pence per person treated with a 12 mg tablet, it does indeed seem like a miracle drug in the

context of the current global COVID-19 situation.26 Guidance and protocols on using

ivermectin for COVID-19 can be found on the FLCCC website


Ivermectin is an essential drug to reduce morbidity and mortality from COVID-19


Placebo-controlled trials of ivermectin treatment among people with COVID-19

infection are no longer ethical and active placebo-controlled trials should be closed."

If you can't be bothered to read the science, you can listen to her interviews:

This is getting pretty boring now. It is crystal clear there are plenty of medications available to treat sars-cov-2, however we're being misled to trust an untested "vaccine." You know it is not trustworthy because even it's proponents cannot tell you how many doses you need. Let alone if it works on mutations (which I said would happen last year.) And, even after you take this "vaccine" you will still have to wear masks, social distance and stay home because it doesn't reduce transmission. To be honest, there's no evidence that the "vaccine" does anything in relation to the virus because the results were based on PCR tests which are so unreliable it's beyond a joke. Oh yeah, and also, coronaviruses prior to 2020 have never been vaccinated successfully (because of their immensely quick mutation cycles.) Again, this was all agreed before 2020, before the covid-19 virus came in and disproved everything, from vaccines to mask effectiveness.

Here's some tips: If you are one of the unlucky few to suffer from covid-19 quite seriously and require hospitalisation - ask your doctor's about these drugs and ask them to show you the evidence they have read. Do not accept going on to the ventilators, that's proving to be a nuisance with people dying. Although this has been hushed up and denied - along with people dying after taking the vaccines. But, don't forget - die within 28 of a PCR test and it's undeniable evidence to shut down the global economy. Give me strength! I'm not giving medical advice, I'm saying ask the doctor these very simple questions. You do what you think is right. Peter Doshi of the BMJ has proven that doctors are just like everyone else - assuming the research is done properly without looking into it themselves.

Let's also just remember, these "vaccines" are being rolled out during a trial. The end date of the trial is not until January 31, 2023. Your GP should be telling you this before you accept this "vaccine." You are participating in a trial. It has not been proven yet. If the GP does not notify you, they can be in trouble with nuremberg code. Whether or not the nuremberg code has any bite I do not know, but I have my fingers crossed! Personally, I'm hoping for the Nuremberg Trials v 2.0 on the back of this fraud. It's a huge hope, I doubt it will happen, but I will hope none the less.



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