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James Delingpole - Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

Round of applause for this exquisite perspective.


If you want to understand what’s really going on in the world, forget everything you learned at school and instead dig out some old recordings (you can still find them on YouTube, surprisingly) of William (‘Bill’) Cooper and Alan Watt.

Both men are dead now, most probably as a direct consequence of what they had to say which, in a nutshell, is this: the world is an illusion and though we think we are free we are actually trapped in an artificial reality, devised, funded and maintained by a ruthless predatory ‘elite’ of unimaginable wealth and unparalleled evil, who view us as no better than cattle, who take perverse pleasure in tormenting us, and whose goal is to destroy most of us so that the earth can once again enjoy its ‘ideal’ population balance of 500 million (which means more than 7 billion of us are surplus to requirements).

Most people don’t want to accept this because it sounds like one of those crazy conspiracy theories that they’ve been programmed to reject. But the world becomes so much more comprehensible when you do.

Suddenly, you’re equipped to answer big questions like: ‘What’s the real story behind Covid?’

And little ones like: ‘Why did they turn my road into a 20mph zone with loads of speed cameras, when none of us asked for this?’

And medium sized ones like: ‘Why do footballers get paid such stupid amounts of money?’

The answers will always comprise variations on the same theme. Because They hate you and want to make your life more constrained, more difficult, more expensive. Because They, not the elected politicians in their pockets, are the ones that really set the agenda. Because They want to beguile and distract you with Bread and Circuses. Because They are psychopaths who first want to humiliate and weaken you, then either enslave you or wipe you from the face of the earth.

But who are They? It’s fruitless trying to identify them because you wouldn’t have heard of most of them (the obvious baddies like, say, Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab are merely the public face of the shadowy figures in the inner circle). But they are the kind of people Paul was talking about in his Letter to the Ephesians, when he wrote about ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ and ‘the rulers of the darkness of this world.’ These nameless supervillains, in other words, are merely the latest manifestations of an evil as old as the creation of the world. It is both their greatest strength and their greatest weakness.

It is their greatest strength because so many of their underlings find evil so appealing. In Christian tradition, the world is the realm of Satan - a testing ground in which we all get the choice (‘free will’) between the way of Jesus or the way of the devil. And the devil, besides having all the best tunes, also has all the best drugs and the best sex and the shiniest toys and the biggest job promotions, because if he didn’t have this battery of temptations at his disposal he wouldn’t be nearly so enticing, would he?

But it’s also their greatest weakness because evil only has power if you give it permission. For a more detailed explanation of why this is so you’d be better off asking a theologian. I know, though, that this is the case because our culture is full of clues: the notion, for example, that a vampire can only cross your threshold if you’ve invited him in; or the tradition that the devil can only take your soul if you form a contract or pact with him. It’s also something that has been confirmed by whistleblowing former insiders who, at great personal risk, have revealed some of the predator class’s secrets.

Among these secrets is that, depraved, cruel, slippery, sadistic and vile though these people are they nevertheless adhere to a code of conduct. This isn’t because deep down they are actually quite nice and want to behave honourably. Rather it is because they are bound by the traditions of their dark religion - Satanism, Luciferianism, high level freemasonry, illuminism - which is at least as preoccupied with dates and rituals and correct form as its arch enemy Christianity.

There are lots of people, I know, who feel uncomfortable with idea that what is going on in the world right now represents the final battle in a titanic struggle between good and evil. What I tend to explain them is: ‘Your choice. But even though you may not want to believe in the devil, the people who run the world most certainly do. So if you want to have a chance of beating your enemy, you put yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t understand how he operates.’

One of the rules that the bad guys follow, implausible though it may seem, is that before they do something truly wicked they are honour-bound to warn you first. Again, this isn’t because they are nice and want to help you. It’s because, karmically, they feel absolved of responsibility for the hideous things they have done: after all, they warned you and you didn’t listen, so you deserve everything that came to you because either you were too stupid to read the signs or too stubborn to respond.

An example of this is the entertainment industry - whose main function is to corrupt us and brainwash us in the guise of amusing us. But it also serves the purpose of slipping clues as to the fate that awaits us, be it in movies like Soylent Green or The Hunger Games series, in pop videos by the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga, or in the form of special events like the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics, replete with hints about the forthcoming biosecurity state, the abuse of children, and coronavirus ‘pandemic.’

There is no point trying to rationalise the behaviour or the thinking of the predator class because they are not like us and you will only end up tying yourself in knots of false logic. Or - worse - as many people do, you’ll say to yourself: ‘This conspiracy you describe can’t be real because no one would ever be that evil.’ Far better just to accept the fact: They are that evil - and part of the sadistic kick that They get is when well-meaning idiots try to persuade themselves otherwise because they’ve decided that denying the unpalatable truth is the ‘rational’ position.

The more excuses you make for Them the more it empowers them. Essentially, you are doing their work for them. Indeed, They couldn’t do any of the terrible things They do without the active participation of their victims. We are many; They are very few. All it would take to defeat them would be for sufficient numbers of us to wake up and call their bluff: ‘We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.’ But we’re a long, long way off reaching any kind of critical mass.

This is why people who’ve gone down the rabbit hole sometimes get so angry and frustrated. You can hear it in Bill Cooper’s interviews: he’s risking his life to tell the world what he knows, to warn everyone before it’s too late, but all most people care about are the football scores, the Oscar winners, the latest fads…

Almost more damaging than the completely-asleep majority are the ones who are half awake but don’t want to go all the way for fear of straying too far beyond the bounds of social acceptability. Since I used - more or less - to be one of these people myself I suppose I mustn’t be too uncharitable. But it is bloody annoying, to say the least, when you’ve posted something on social media about thousands of cattle dying suddenly in Kansas and someone chips in to explain it away on the grounds that it was probably just heatstroke and there’s nothing to see here. Or you’re asking about all the strange, white cross-cross patterns in the sky and people sagely assure you that they are ‘contrails’ not ‘chemtrails’ because ‘chemtrails’ are a conspiracy theory - and to prove it here’s a picture they found on the internet of some World War II bombers trailing vapour…

Look, I don’t know enough about the Kansas mass cattle deaths nor about chemtrails to be absolutely sure what the deal is. But I’m sufficiently aware of the context - the ongoing sabotage of the global food production system; the long war of attrition waged against human health by the food industry, the Pharmaceutical industry etc - to know that you’d have to be a complete idiot to try to explain away these events as normal or to attribute good faith to those responsible unless you were absolutely, 100 percent sure that what is happening really is as innocuous as your wishful thinking desires it to be.

Sure it’s important to approach every claim with due scepticism and critical thinking. (It’s the widespread absence of both of these that has got us into the mess we’re in). But the danger is that we are enabling our dark overlords to get away with murder by making their excuses for them.

A classic example of this is the climate change disaster industry. It’s a lie; a complete scam. There is, quite literally, zero credible evidence that the planet is catastrophically warming due to industrial CO2 emissions. ‘Sustainability’ is just a fancy word for another power grab by the elites, designed to enrich the very few, impoverish the many, by replacing cheap, abundant energy with inefficient, intermittent, unaffordable expensive ‘renewables’. ‘Net zero’ is an assault on property rights (They have now arrogated the right to decide what kind of boilers we are allowed to use to heat our harms, what cars we are or mostly aren’t allowed to drive) and freedoms such as our ability to fly to nice places on holiday.

Any half-way sentient person who has looked into ‘Environmentalism’, as I did in my book Watermelons, knows that the whole edifice of lies depends on dodgy computer models, bought-and-paid-for experts, corrupt institutions and relentless propagandising by a mendacious media. Yet still, the vast majority of the supposedly brightest and best brains of our generation have more or less accepted that there is a problem. Though they might quibble about one or two of the details, pretty much everyone in the world who shapes the official narrative - CEOs, politicians, journalists, opinion-formers generally… - has accepted the fallacious propositions that ‘climate change’ is real, that ‘the Environment’ is burning issue, that ‘Sustainability’ in some form or another is the answer. All they disagree on is the question of degree.

Which means that everyone has now accepted the Big Lie as a given - and by doing so they have reified it, burnished it, endorsed it. This includes all the clever people whose expertise or prestige we have been assured makes them trustworthy. We have contracted out our thinking to these ‘experts’ and they have betrayed us because they are as much under the spell as anyone else.

The rulers of the darkness of this world despise us. They believe that we are inferior creatures who deserve everything we have coming to us because we are so lumpen and gullible and malleable. And is it any wonder they think this way when, every time they lie to us we not only fall for it but actually embed it by making their excuses for them?

Our Enemy does not need to destroy us. We’re doing the job perfectly well for him all by ourselves.

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