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What to expect when COVID-19 shifts from pandemic to endemic. ⇒ Explore: COVID-19 Transformation Map The shift to green jobs has begunhere’s where they’ll be. ⇒ Explore: Green New Deals Transformation Map

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Strategic Intelligence From COVID-19 to blockchain, energy, global governance and more, explore and monitor the forces shaping our world.

On the Agenda

We can achieve climate goals — if we boost demand for green products. The spread, the response and vaccines: COVID-19 in data visualizations. AI has a big carbon footprint today — but tomorrow it could be green. No more farming as usual: empowering 100 million farmers for a better way. Get the money flowing: how to scale up investment in sustainable mobility. 7 ways natural climate solutions are gaining momentum.

Green demand to fight climate change The $50 billion green tech market and the race to net zero in a special edition Agenda Dialogues webcast.

On our radar

Did the Kremlin win? Taking advantage of American dysfunction. When green meets green: green companies can get cheaper loans. No more ‘West.’ Foreign policy from a German point of view.

Business Updates

The real reasons shipping costs have soared, heart care for the underserved and Breakthrough Energy gets a new partner.

The World Economic Forum in the news

China will deliver on climate change. Quotes Forum president Børge Brende. (CCTV)

A $5 billion donation to protect nature. References Forum trillion tree initiative. (Guardian)

Forum to help 1 billion access internet. (Straits Times)

Uncertain politics in Iceland. Cites Global Gender Gap Report. (Financial Times)

How to drive digital inclusion. Coverage from the Sustainable Development Impact Summit. (Devex)

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