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Liberty Officially Dies In The UK Today (but there is no need to fear)


This is the date the free nation of the United Kingdom fell into medical tyranny.

The government who represent the global financial elite did as instructed and introduced vaccine passports, creating a medical apartheid.

This was inevitable. Like we all understand, there was never any going back.

However, I cannot say I am downhearted or concerned. For the first time, life itself has never been clearer. The real world has been revealed and we can all stop living in the constructed facade.

We have just embarked on the largest war that has ever faced humanity. It's so large sometimes it's hard to believe we are really in it.

I know many people are worried this is like Nazi Germany or the communist takeover in Russia. However, this is nothing like that. The people back then did not know who they were fighting. They thought they had rogue governments and corrupt leaders who only sought power. But, we now know who the real culprits were. They're the same ones today. They are the same people who have steered the world's politics and economic systems throughout our entire history.

They succeeded by operating in the shadows, hoping we would always be distracted with our busy lives, however, that is no longer the case.

I have never known so many people to understand the world as it really is. Knowledge is power, and for the first time in history, MILLIONS of people really KNOW what is going on.

The whole world has the same enemy.

The enemy is a predator class that transcends governments and nations. They have ruled the world since the beginning of creation. Individual names are not known but we know they pull the strings. Yet despite all of that, this is the easiest battle we can ever win. It does not require military tactics or money. All we need to do is refuse to comply! There are too many of us to be policed.

We cannot predict their every move, but we KNOW what their desired outcomes are. This gives US the advantage.

Simply put, this means we will win. There is no doubt about it. Too many people understand what is happening, and more and more will continue to wake up. They have overplayed their hand and the information can never be put back. We will get rid of these shadowy manipulators as their tricks will no longer work.

However, we must all be there for each other. We only have us to rely on.

But, there really is no reason to be downhearted or fearful. This is the beginning of the greatest time in our human history. We have nothing left to do but see this through to the end.

Be happy. Smile at the people. Cling onto the people you have met the last two years.

Let this war be the war of kindness and laughter!

We are not slaves and we are not idiots like these satanists believe. We are free people made in the image of God. There was only ever one winner.

Fight whilst smiling and laughing.

God bless.

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