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Massive Data Dump: Information that I have downloaded and saved

1. Russell Brand exposes the ridiculousness of letting the cabal "save the world."

Note: I disagree with the science behind climate change. It was a theory promoted by the Club of Rome to provide the excuse for global governance. The climate science industry is as corrupt as the medical industry. However, Russell will disagree with me on this but it doesn't matter - if destructive climate change is real or not, we do not need global governance. I fully support the message Russell promotes here.

2. Here is an analysis on global food production, it's decrease in output and inflationary prices. It may be time to start buying and stocking food:

3. James Delingpole and Naomi Wolf discuss how the Left and Right do not matter anymore, the complete corruption of the WHO and governments, as well as censorship and vaccine passports being totalitarian. A must watch:

4. Miles Harris explains his position on the Great Reset and how we may able to mitigate its impact:

5. This the closest thing I've seen to a debate between two Doctors with opposing views on covid-19. Dr Mercola and Dr Kamil talk to Mikhaila Peterson:

6. Another interview from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. who predicted blood clotting before they begun. He wrote the book Corona, False Alarm in 2020:

7. A fascinating piece by Dr Mike Yeadon. It reads like a conspiracy theory nightmares are made of, but it rings of truths. Worth reading and bearing in mind. Fingers crossed he is completely wrong.

8. Dr Mercola explains why the vaccine passport is a trap and can easily lead to totalitarian control.

9. Our favourite tyrant and literal criminal, who's in charge of Europe's money supply is spouting off nonsense about "the green future" again as if we have a future after the continuing lock-downs:

Christine Lagarde: Towards a green capital markets union for Europe

Let me summarise it for you - "all we need is greater control and consolidation of power to the Banks and cabal, then we can save the world!"

10. International Energy Agency tell us mineral extractions will increase dramatically to complete the Green Agenda. No sense of irony.

11. Literally almost everyone in the UK wants these "vaccines", so why do we need a vaccine passport? A interesting article by Michael Curzon.

12. Well well well, the World Economic Forum "simulations" begin to be accurate right on time. They predict the risk for massive cyber attacks in 2021, just like they predicted a pandemic in September 2019, and behold - it comes true:

Cyberattack Forces a Shutdown of a Top U.S. Pipeline: The operator, Colonial Pipeline, said it had halted systems for its 5,500 miles of pipeline after being hit by a ransomware attack.

13. 5-10% people are experiencing severe adverse reactions after the "vaccine" - Penn Medicine Centre study.

14. Ignazio Visco: The G20 TechSprint 2021 on sustainable finance Address by Mr Ignazio Visco, Governor of the Bank of Italy, at the G20 TechSprint 2021 –Presentation Event, Rome, 7 May 2021.

15. The Dollar is becoming weaker and countries are looking to other currencies to stay afloat, according to the IMF:

US Dollar Share of Global Foreign Exchange Reserves Drops to 25-Year Low

Some expect that the US dollar’s share of global reserves will continue to fall as emerging market and developing economy central banks seek further diversification of the currency composition of their reserves. A few countries, such as Russia, have already announced their intention to do so.

Despite major structural shifts in the international monetary system over the past six decades, the US dollar remains the dominant international reserve currency. As our Chart of the Week shows, any changes to the US dollar’s status are likely to emerge in the long run.

16. Seychelles is the most vaccinated country, and it's gone back into lockdown.

17. Supposed NHS Senior Board member turns whistle-blower is concerned about vaccine roll out for children. Obviously I can't verify if it is genuine or not.

18. :

"About the types of vaccine In the UK several different types of COVID-19 vaccines will be used during 2021. *The vaccines will only be approved on the basis of large studies of safety and effectiveness.* So he should know that the "vaccine" is UNAPPROVED - i.e. EXPERIMENTAL. "

19. Anti-vaxxers will soon be criminals. Ironically, this covid-19 "vaccine" isn't even a vaccine, this article definitely isn't dystopian at all. We're literally ruled by an insane asylum.

"Efforts must expand into the realm of cyber security, law enforcement, public education and international relations. A high-level inter-agency task force reporting to the UN secretary-general could assess the full impact of anti-vaccine aggression, and propose tough, balanced measures. The task force should include experts who have tackled complex global threats such as terrorism, cyber attacks and nuclear armament, because anti-science is now approaching similar levels of peril. It is becoming increasingly clear that advancing immunization requires a counteroffensive."

20. An interesting read about Bill Gates - power-hungry madman?

21. The UN literally publish a report on a global surveillance system to prepare us for future pandemics:

Dr Ryan highlighted how the Berlin centre would help to identify "signals that may occur before epidemics happen", as "there are risks that emerge at the animal-human interface, there is data on everything from climate to mobility, to as I said animal-related data that can give us pre-signals, signals before epidemics start of high risks and of high vulnerabilities.

"The hub will allow us to develop tools for that sort of predicted analytics, it will also give us tools for managing during epidemics, in terms of managing societal response."

German Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, noted that the WHO Hub would act as a "global early warning surveillance system".

It will support the work of public health experts and policymakers in all countries, to help them respond rapidly to future public health emergencies, he added.

"Globally we all need to work together to be better prepared for the next pandemic and the second is that we must strengthen WHO’s leading and coordinating role, particularly in pandemic preparedness."

22. Concerns about passive inhalation of covid vaccines by unvaccinated - published by National Library of American Medicine

23. Supposed evidence of crisis actors in India - this is the footage we see on our news channels. Crisis actors are a real thing. Be careful of what you see on the news! Does this look staged or real to you?

24. Study shows lockdowns did not save more lives in US States. But, still promotes it anyway.

25. Westminster offer media contracts to promote covid-19 until 2022. I thought we were meant to be going back to normal in July?

26. Texans should be dying as they're not under any restrictions. But they aren't. Does anyone care?

27. The Australian Government call the covid-19 vaccine a poison in legal document.

28. Indian villagers chase out vaccine brigade.

29. Who pays the Fact Checkers?

30. Cost of beef set to increase.

31. 101 brainless zombies out of touch with the real world call for end to fossil fuels. Better get ready to a real decrease in quality of life!

32. Lecturer Dr. David Thunder Ph.D warns that governments have now set the precedent for draconian lockdown measures to be re-introduced at the drop of a hat every time there is a harsh flu season.

33. The IMF boast that Africa has gone digital.

34. We're ruled by actual insane people. Gates et al have released GMO mosquitoes in Florida.

35. Two year old child dies from covid experiments. Not reported by the mainstream media.

36. Digital Citizenship here we come! Control of the internet - elimination of news and different opinions!

37. Government figures show more people died from covid vaccines than from covid in Jersey.

Jersey vaccine deaths = 55 within 28 days of vaccine administration.

Jersey covid deaths = 69 since 2020 ( the vaccines have only been administered this year.)

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