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Meat Propaganda Continues

Meat for the West is coming to an end if the fools do not wake up.

The big lie now front and center -- “meat is going away because global warming”

Everyday foods such as coffee, meat and spices could become luxury items due to global climate impacts and changing tastes.

"Chocolate and coffee could both become scarce, luxury foods again because of climate change," says Monika Zurek, a senior researcher at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.

Meat, which is currently part of a regular meal for many people, is likely to become a luxury item in the next few decades as more people adopt a plant-based diet to reduce their carbon footprint, she says. People may also make the move because of the sheer volume of agricultural land taken up by meat production, which may no longer be viable as the world's population increases.

Eating meat could become socially unacceptable and viewed in a similar light to smoking, says Alexander. "It could get to a point where eating a burger is not a cool thing to do with your friends."

... In a bid to lower their emissions, countries may also choose to tax meat in future as many have done with sugar, says Alexander. This would raise meat prices and make it more of a luxury product.



Just wanting to be very clear that many state actors are now openly talking about global food shortages, and as a function of national security. This has all been building up for years (as we’ve covered here), but this next year will see some extraordinary things…

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