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More wonderful (sourced) graphs - Influenza has disappeared

Figure 1: Public Health England influenza cases with SARS-Cov-2 cases in 2020-21.

What do we notice? No flu or influenza cases. Incredible.

Now, let's look at last year's influenza cases for the same time last year - before the corona (BC):

What do we see? Uh oh - Influenza was there. Imagine how many more "cases" they would have found if they ramped up the testing like they have for covid-19 this year.

And, just for fun - let's look at 2018:

Well, well, well - influenza was present once again. Fascinating.

Now, what is my point? Am I saying there is no SARS-coV-2 and that we're just witnessing influenza cases being represented as covid-19 cases? Partly.

It is becoming apparent to anyone who is not a buffoon that the PCR tests can identify influenza cases as SARS-coV-2. It was thought this was not the case. I'd hope this visualisation of the graphs can bring the reality home to you.

Even the WHO is saying the flu has disappeared:

They didn't just stop recording them at week 16, that is the global count of influenza cases.

If I have misread these graphs, let me know. I am always open to misunderstanding things, but I think it's fairly clear.

Also, look at the EUROMOMO data collected for excess deaths - especially Scotland - you'll be in for a surprise. The current media uproar doesn't reflect the real data.

Remember, I've posted the excess deaths rates since 1950 here. The Government intentionally keep referring to the 5 year average. It is very misleading and disingenuous. The peak in April in England was due to the immoral and tyrannical DNRs slapped on all the elderly, the elderly shoved into care-homes with no protections or testing and overuse of ventilators. Remember - there was no gradual increase in excess deaths before the peak, the virus was present in the UK since September 2019. Let's use our brains and have a think!

My view? This is an economic transition - not a pandemic. The "pandemic" is being used to extract all the wealth and transition the economy which had to collapse due to monumental debt accumulated. Don't believe me? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.



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