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My odd Twitter interaction with the Managing Director of the World Economic Forum

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a brief twitter exchange with Adrian Monck, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum which all turned a bit odd.

It started when I happened to listen to his interview on Talk Radio yesterday. He was on to dismiss the "conspiracy theories" regarding the WEF. Naturally this was very intriguing. Was he going to discuss the circular economy? The Fourth Industrial Revolution? The members? Human Augmentation? Klaus Schwab's multiple books expressing his desires to upgrade humanity? Or, even question the Marxist ideas of the organisation? Even just be given the chance to address this accusation? You know, serious questions one would ask when given such an opportunity.

Unfortunately, I had misguided expectations of what was to come as the tone was set straight away by a softball, apologetic presenter who asked "questions" laughingly, allowing Adrian to sit back and condescendingly talk about how he went to school with James Delingpole and put Julie Hartley-Brewer on the TV. What a conspiracy.

The interview went on with not much being discussed, queue David Icke being mentioned by the Presenter straight away to dismiss all following serious criticisms or concerns regarding the organisation. Apparently, it was also important to know Adrian was from Great Yarmouth, "ya know", "ya know", (it is amazing how many people who wish to convince you of something keep saying "you know", "you know.") No Adrian, I don't know. That is why I wanted some serious questions answered, not that if you had any power, Norwich would be playing against Bayern Munich, not Bristol City and Delia Smith would be Prime Minister. But, the Presenter was nearly falling off his chair this was so funny, how hilarious. It's nice people with safe jobs in powerful organisations can still take the time to laugh at society going through a massive disaster isn't it?

Adrian then went on to say the WEF is just a vehicle to bring about conversations where people can talk about covid, "the biggest disaster to hit everyone in yonks" without any challenge from the presenter. There are very strong arguments to suggest the responses are what has caused the "biggest disaster in yonks."

He then went on to explain - "well if you're a fantastic conspiracy theorist you could say, well you set up Event 201 and then the pandemic happened" etc, again - all this unchallenged by the presenter who just sat back and laughed. There was no hint of even thinking to ask what was discussed in Event 201 that could have helped. If you have watched Event 201, you would know it was a simulation of how powerful organisations would act during a pandemic. However, there was never any discussion as to why these powerful organisations should react as they planned, or the ethics, or the justification of holding such power during a "disaster." But I digress. I guess it is just coincidence that a pandemic event was held before a pandemic happened. "Ya know" just like it is a coincidence there was a aircraft-hijacking military rehearsal by the US military when 9/11 happened, and terrorist exercises were being conducted by our anti-terror police during 7/7. They're just all coincidences, yet no journalist feels the need to follow up on the convenience of these coincidences.

He goes on to say people have to have a forum, a middle man, to have conversations regarding issues such as, "can enough glass phials be produced for vaccines? "

It is all in the context of globalisation. God forbid businesses were just left alone to produce the goods. It continues, he suggests people who have lost their jobs begin looking for someone to blame and how the WEF could look like they have set this up. A shocking assumption to make given ten years of WEF writings and publishings explaining how they need to change the world's economy and an event to implement the change we all need, yet have no say over. Do you remember voting for Klaus Schwab, the fourth industrial revolution and the Green Economy? I don't. Why does every country have to implement the same model?

I do not wish to give a blow by blow account of his interview because I would keep writing forever, dissecting all the condescending nonsense he comes out with and no doubt thoroughly bore you to death. So, listen to it here before reading on.

So, the interview was done. I thought to myself how pathetic was that?! There was not one serious question asked. I thought, may be no one has offered to hold a real interview with serious questions, so perhaps I could.

I found his twitter and sent him a "friendly" tweet:

"Listened to your pathetic softball interview on talk radio. "Ya know", "ya know"...why don't we answer some real questions Adrian?"

He retweeted me with the caption:

"Fan mail"

To which I replied:

"The offer's there."

He then links a tweet saying he's had an interview with Ian Collins saying:

"I did a terrible job convincing the commenters"

To which I replied:

"It's almost like people expect a real interrogation when the global economy is destroyed to implement a new Green/ Circular/ MMT economic system off the back of a virus with a survival rate of over 99%"

"But I guess that's just conspiracy theory, despite it being the main emphasis in Klaus Schwab's "Covid-19: The Great Reset" book."

Adrian replied:

"Honestly, if I had the answers I would give you them...have a good weekend."

I replied:

"Of course you would. In the mean time we can just have a laugh at people losing everything."

"Have a splendid weekend rubbing shoulders with the club."

I thought that would be the end of it. However, Adrian carried on and this is where it got weird.

He replied:

"Pizza night" and tagged a picture of his pizza - continuing the attitude where this is all one big joke despite he, himself admitting this is the biggest disaster in yonks. It's a weird way to behave when you're pretending to understand what the common man is experiencing.

Then, very oddly, he replied the following:

"Think it's a joke? My brother works for @DWP. You can read here about my dead sister. Knock yourself out." And attached a linkedin blog discussing his sister's death in 2014.

This is obviously a horrible thing he had to go through. It's upsetting and devastating for his family. But I was confused as to why he posted it.

I did not reply as I had no idea what this had to do with anything we were talking about, did he just challenge me to a tragic life-story battle? Or was he somehow trying to suggest he has it difficult despite himself working in a very successful organisation, and his brother working in the UK Government? Or is Adrian just using his sister's death to grandstand?

This is the Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, I wouldn't expect someone in such a professional position to throw around family deaths that have no relation to the subject. Now, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because Twitter does take things out of context, he could have had an entirely innocent reason to bring this subject up which just doesn't make sense to me. I just find it odd that an adult, in such a prestigious position, throws around emotional responses to legitimate concerns.

The main focus to me should be his interview. He never really had to justify the WEF's position or influence, or why the obvious is not considered, when PAYING MEMBERS of powerful organisations and Governments meet in these forums, why do they always end up talking about centralisation of power? It is clear from Adrian, his main priority is Climate Change and the stakeholder economy. Yet, this was never pressed. There's never any pressure for justification about their stated aims. This was a weak interview. I want to know about George Soros's dinners at Davos. I want to know why these elites think Climate Change is their responsibility. I want to know why the WEF think they have the right to nudge anyone in any direction when they are not elected. I want to know why the IMF have more say over our economic policy than the UK Government. I want to know why the WHO have more authority over our healthcare than our accountable Governments.

His summary of the Great Reset is just full of lies. Covid has not caused any of these challenges we're facing. It is policies called for by organisations like the WEF that have caused this devastation. How does a virus which is not deadly justify the complete digitisation of our lives? What does a digital currency have to do with a coronavirus? Where are the serious questions? Why does the world have to retrain and shift the workforce? Why is this the responsibility of international organisations and not the people, or even national governments? The people should be free to choose their own lives and work. The market dictates these things naturally.

The Governments are currently shutting down all industries and businesses which doesn't make sense in relation to the severity of this virus. We don't need coerced, authoritarian progress through the vision of these elites. We don't need globalised, centralised green economies. To improve the environment we need decentralisation and localisation, but we're not even having this debate. Even if I am wrong - have a serious discussion about it with legitimate opposition with opposing visions and solutions. We're being told this particular Green economy is the only way forward, and it just so happens to let the richest 1% stay on the top, whilst cementing even more power and control. How coincidental. In summary, I implore you to read Klaus Schwab's books - he is the WEF. After all, Adrian said his vision is now what is "trendy." It is crystal clear there is a planned path to where these global organisations want us to end up. I suggest it is not where WE want to end up.

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