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NHS contract from 2022: ‘Logistics & Warehouse Support for Covid-19 Vaccination Programme’

Contract here.

The NHS state that the objective of the process is to select a service provider(s) to provide:

• Safe, effective and appropriate storage/warehousing for vaccines, which includes vaccines with ULT handling characteristics and associated consumables • Safe, effective and appropriate distribution of vaccines with varying handling characteristics and associated consumables materials to multiple designated delivery sites • Provide appropriate equipment for the storage and distribution of vaccines and associated consumables. The Authority may provide FOC the ULT freezers

The contract is due to start on the 1st January 2022 and end on the 31st December 2022. The question being why? And, how do they already know this will be needed? I guess Ivermectin still won't be real in 2022?

Is it because 2022 is the year they plan to come for all children and give them the experimental Covid-19 vaccine?

Or is it because the vaccines are useless in the long term and must be repeatedly administered?

The Israeli Health Ministry has confirmed that the alleged effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 has dropped to 39% in Israel after 6 months, and they have also confirmed it as essentially useless at preventing transmission of the virus.

Or is it because of such more sinister, and nefarious reason of which you will have to submit to if you sign your life away to the dreaded incoming vaccine passport?

Or perhaps it’s just so Big Pharma can get even richer once the vaccine passport is brought in and you’re left with no alternative but to keep getting that jab?

No one can be certain, but we’re going to find out…

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