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NY Times editor drops dead hours after his booster shot (not reported by NY Times), BBC DJ dies

The Media Lie: Carlos Tejada, Deputy Asia Editor for The New York Times, Dies at 49 - The New York Times (

The Media Truth: Carlos Tejada: 49-year-old Wall Street Journal and New York Times writer posts booster shot photo on Instagram, dead hours later - The COVID Blog

The way you tell the lie is always with a fairly consistent pattern of telling 2/3rds of the truth: 1.) Yes, he died. 2.) Yes, he died of a heart attack. 3.) Omit: his heart attack was caused by the booster.


BBC DJ/broadcaster Janice Long, 66, dies "after a short illness"

This is big news throughout the British press, with all the usual ostentatious grieving and NO clue as to exactly what that "short illness" was.

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