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Personal Carbon Allowances and a hilarious World Bank Podcast

They conflate air pollution with man-made climate change. These are separate issues. poverty over the next 10 years, and entire economies will be held hostage to the worst impacts of climate change."

No evidence presented as usual.

They conflate air polltuion with man-made climate change. These are separate issues.

"So to understand here, so the climate co-benefits, that's looking at, if the bank is going to go do like a project in a country that's going to involve working on bridges or roads or something like that, looking at how much of that project, what percentage of that project will address climate change issues as well?"

Even more jargon that means absolutely nothing.

"You need everyone to be a part of the new climate economy of the future. And this is a discussion that is live all over the world, in every single country. What does that look like? And how can they be involved? I mean, one of the areas that we work in as the World Bank is, for example, in social safety nets. So how can we use our social protection programs and engagement in labor programs or social safety net programs, for example, to support people to find new jobs or to build new skills so that they're ready for the green economy?"

Here we go, we get to the point. The New World Order - whether you like it or not.

This is what they're wanting to implement - Carbon Tax Credits - so they can control everything you do. (For the planet's well being of course.) This is why they want the vaccine passports rolled out worldwide, and as soon as possible. They need it done before the people realise what they have accepted.

Listen to the podcast here.

Read more about Carbon Tax Credits here:

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