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Portuguese Judge says PCR tests are unreliable

This escaped me last November.

"The judges quoted a paper published in The Lancet by Elena Surkova, Vladyslav Nikolayevskyy and Francis Drobniewski, which stated: “Any diagnostic test result should be interpreted in the context of the pretest probability of disease. For COVID 19, the pretest probability assessment includes symptoms, previous medical history of COVID-19 or presence of antibodies, any potential exposure to COVID-19, and likelihood of an alternative diagnosis. When low pretest probability exists, positive results should be interpreted with caution and a second specimen tested for confirmation.

The paper continues: “Prolonged viral RNA shedding, which is known to last for weeks after recovery, can be a potential reason for positive swab tests in those previously exposed to SARS-CoV-2. However, importantly, no data suggests that detection of low levels of viral RNA by RT-PCR equates with infectivity unless infectious virus particles have been confirmed with laboratory culture based methods.

“To summarise, false-positive COVID-19 swab test results might be increasingly likely in the current epidemiological climate in the UK, with substantial consequences at the personal, health system, and societal levels (panel).”

The judges concluded by stating that: “The problem is that this reliability is shown, in terms of scientific evidence (and in this field, the judge will have to rely on the knowledge of experts in the field), as being more than debatable."

The push back against this ruling has been pretty strong. After all, PCR tests are the agreed gold-standard.

Fortunately for the establishment, the creator of the PCR test died in 2019. He would have proven to be a real nuisance as he insisted the PCR tests could be misused for circumstances like these! Looks like they dodged a bullet. He also may have torn Fauci to pieces but one is allowed to know that! However, upon reflection, Kary Mullis - the nobel prize winner, is probably just another conspiracy theorist as well.

Oh, and the World Health Organisation - our new God, in November, quietly admitted the PCR tests can be misused and offered people using them to diagnose covid-19 new "guidance."

This was common knowledge in April last year, yet the mainstream media and governments branded it conspiracy theory. I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to spot a pattern.



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