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Prepare to be to told you are not doing enough

I try my hardest not to read the news too much. It's disgusting. I now have a physical reaction when I read this absolute filth. But, I force myself to read all the papers online once, in the morning, to get the gist of the propaganda they're going for for that day.

I've noticed quite an accusatory tone developing. There's a lot of blame going around.

University students seem to be getting a hard time. These are the people who were LIED to by the universities last year saying they would do their upmost to make sure they get a real university experience. However, as soon as that £9,000 was in the University's bank account, the students were locked in their rooms and subjected to online teaching. It is no exaggeration to compare it to prison, but even worse - they're paying £9,000 for the privilege of being locked down and depressed to learn absolutely nothing. Why the students are not rebelling and demanding full refunds is beyond me... Perhaps they're misdirected to worrying about what micro-aggression they have to fight against for that day.

Then, I read school children are getting a hard time, they get in trouble for having snowball fights in 2021. I guess if I was told at twelve years old that I couldn't go to school, couldn't meet friends, couldn't go round people's houses, be depressed for AN ENTIRE YEAR, then have all the baby boomers assume I was the problem, I'd want to let off some steam as well.

Small business owners who want to open are getting yelled at by the deluded lock down fanatics because they do not wish to keep taking on more government loans, but then are told they're the problem. Now, this is a real thinker... if small and medium businesses are forced to close, but supermarkets are allowed to stay open, this means more people just congregate in supermarkets. Oh, but that's right, they're wearing unwashed damp cloths over their mouths they picked up from the floor of their car! Fool proof!

But, the point I'm making here is don't fall for this. The media at the behest of the government, are trying to manipulate the rhetoric to try and make it seem like the public are not complying. This is just not true. Everywhere I go (luckily I have a job and work most days so I get to go out and about) I see EVERYONE complying. I now see young men and woman in the peak of their health, wearing masks outside, by themselves, near absolutely no one. It's insane. I wish people were not complying. I wish the media were correct. I'd love to see people rejecting this nonsense, but they are not. EVERYONE is wearing masks, staying away, looking depressed and getting upset if someone coughs or sneezes. It's got to the point where my mother could trip on the curb, thankfully not hurt herself, but the closest person to her - a family - said from a distance "Oh gosh are you okay? Sorry we can't come and help you!"

I have to stop myself joining in the blame game as well, as this is what the government wants. However, I am so disgusted and appalled at the baby boomers demanding the youth's future, education, mental health and physical health be sacrificed for their own fear of catching a virus (which is completely treatable with antivirals.) Never has a society sacrificed it's young like it has this last year. On the basis of such weak evidence as well! How do people think they will have an NHS when the economy is decimated? How do they assume the help for the mental health problems caused by these government policies can be funded without an economy? The ignorance of people and their knowledge of economics so pathetic, I think they honestly believe an economy is something that is switched on and off, and can be fully maintained by money printing. Why not just give everyone a million pound then? We are such a stupid, short-sighted, unwise society. I don't think people understand the concept of long term consequences anymore.

One more point, before you roll your eyes and say "oh well, it's easy for you, you're young and healthy." Well, I beg to differ. I am being lined up for a kidney transplant in the next year or two and I have Crohns disease. I am not healthy. However, I haven't worn a mask or not hugged my family and friends for a whole year, and I'm still here. I do run, exercise, take vitamins and eat vegetables but I don't see the NHS or government giving sensible advice like that. Instead, they let the "essential service" take-aways stay open and suggest brand new "vaccines"with no long term testing are the pathway to good health. And, if I ever did become one of the unlucky FEW to die from this virus, I'd never demand anyone else's lives, freedoms and futures to be sacrificed for my sake. I'd happily die than rather be that selfish.

I digress, the point is - the government need to keep the blame going because they need the time to complete the economic transition (which will ultimately fail and create so much decimation, people can't even comprehend it.) This is why multiple strains of covid-19 keep appearing out of nowhere and multiple vaccines will now be needed each year. Again, this was conspiracy theory last April. I said this would happen. The writing was on the papers - a whole new industry was developing via GAVI, and it fits in perfectly to the stakeholder economy/ green new deal/ great reset/ government-dependent economy being imposed worldwide.

People are doing as they're told. The compliance levels are extremely high. Whatever the media and Westminster Overlords tell you, just remember, they're lying to extend the time period they have to destroy the current economic system. I don't know how long they need, but we can safely assume we will be in restrictions for the next ten years.

Don't think you have a choice in the matter either. The decisions have been made. Just be a good subject and do as you're told.



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