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PROOF children are smarter than adults, and UK Government will limit meat even if there are riots

The kids are getting false positives by using fruit juices on their tests. They know how unreliable and stupid the testing is, and have to play along to comply with their parent's stupidity. With parents and teachers demanding them to shove nasal tubes up to their nasal blood-brain barrier twice a week who can blame them?

Keep doing the good work children. They do not care about your education, mental health or general health, they are using you as guinea pigs.

Daily mail article:

Pupils have been using fruit juice to get false positive Covid-19 test results as schools warn parents to be 'vigilant'.

When droplets of orange juice or fizzy drinks like coca-cola are placed on a lateral flow test it can produce a positive result because the acidity of the drink destroys the antibody proteins in the test.

And although it does not work every time, viral videos on Tik Tok and Instagram have been encouraging children across the UK to try the trick to get out of going to school.


Because of Climate Change meat has to go. You have no choice. Read for yourself.

Also, from the Daily Mail:

Britons may have to pay a meat tax to help save the planet in future, even though it could cause riots, Boris Johnson's food czar has warned.

Restaurateur Henry Dimbleby said that the levy on burgers, steaks, ham and sausages 'may be necessary' in the long term, in a draft report.

But the Leon chain founder ruled against their immediate introduction because of the uproar it was create in the aftermath of the pandemic.

However, according to the Sun, the document will raise the prospect of unrest over the price of food akin to the Gilet Jaune protests that rocked France last year.

Sources told the paper was 'still a work in progress'.

Earlier this year Mr Johnson unveiled plans to slash the UK's greenhouse emissions by nearly four-fifths in a decade that would require cutting meat and dairy consumption by a fifth.

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