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Propaganda vs Reality

NHS and Government sponsored advert:


And in case you're thinking, "well, they're just doing this when they have some free time..." Try again:

So, let's remember what's happened this year - for the first time in history, governments have introduced "lockdowns" to combat a "pandemic" with a death rate no worse than the flu.

People have been told to sacrifice their businesses, social lives and their ACTUAL lives to "save our NHS."

All we read and see on the news is how hard the nurses and doctors have it at the moment. I doubt this for a number of reasons, but mainly because the number of patients in the hospitals is below the average for this time. When nurses are marched on the BBC news to read out the script about being overworked, they forget to leave out the part it is because of their own covid-19 restrictions and have to stay home for 2 weeks every time they test positive, and the number of nurses in a ward has been restricted for social distancing reasons (not that there is any evidence of that in the tik tok videos.)

The tik tok's are tasteless, but also prove a point - there is no pandemic. Our nurses would not be able to plan this cringing nonsense if there was. Whilst I am in no doubt some hospitals will be busy because they are in densely populated areas, to pretend our hospitals are overrun en masse is a lie. The data proves this, and I feel comfortable confirming this from going in to do all my regular blood tests. For example, two weeks ago I went in to do my blood tests and all the ambulances were parked outside A&E with the drivers all drinking coffees. I didn't see much evidence of a pandemic.

Let's bare in mind people are committing suicide because of the actions we have been told to undertake to "protect our NHS." The healthcare staff, who people clapped for, have now turned around and made dance routines with pretend dead bodies... I just do not believe this is palatable, let alone acceptable.

Nurses and doctors are not on their own - the police have also been eager to show they won't be outdone in the tik tok cringe-fest:

Currently, the Irish police are arresting people for visiting these places, congregating at the beaches and even swimming in the sea. I guess when your pay check is unaffected, as is your career and you have the power to enforce tyrannical government policies, life is pretty fantastic, even during "pandemics."

Do you remember when the police knelt down for the BLM protests during the peak of this so-called pandemic? You know, when thousands and thousands of protesters lined the streets, not social distancing, not wearing masks, tearing down statues etc. Yet now, when a small business wants to open because they know they will not survive being closed for over a year - the police now, well - watch:

Let me make my position perfectly clear, all jobs are "essential jobs." No government has any right to dictate who is essential and who is not. If it provides food for your family, it is essential. The lockdown was meant to be three weeks to "limit the curve", the vaccines were meant to be the way out of the pandemic. Now, this is no longer the case. The goalposts will keep moving, and people's businesses will be shut, many forever. None of this is acceptable. If you expect people to lose their livelihoods and even commit suicide to make you feel safe from a virus, then I suggest you're misguided on holding the moral high-ground.

I know there are many good police officers, nurses and doctor's all doing their best. I do not need to be reminded of that. I suggest the police, nurses and doctors need to remember there are millions of good people who have given up their entire lives for an entire year, to help them. That's long enough and should never have happened in the first place. They have turned around and slapped everyone in the face. Their pay checks will never be taken away, they have public sector pensions to look forward to, they will not struggle. They do not live in the same world as the small businesses at the moment. May be they should consider getting of their high horse and having some perspective.

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