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"Reset The Table" In Action

Recall that the Rockefeller “Reset the Table” plan includes using schools as Nutritional Hubs for communities, as well as a massive expansion of SNAP/EBT (food stamps). It’s also an easy appeal to “think of the children.” So this kind of media messaging is expected:

Supply chain crisis leading to food, supply shortages in schools nationwide

The supply chain crisis affecting the U.S. economy has now hit school cafeterias and lunchrooms nationwide.

Many schools are struggling to feed students as delays and supply shortages still continue.

Dimtra Barrios, the director of food service at the Ridley School District, said, "it’s a daily battle" for schools.

"We are hoping that deliveries arrive so that we don’t have to adjust our menu to ensure that our students receive meals," she told FOX Business' Jeff Flock.


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