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Restaurant Shut Down - Interview with Owner

Morally superior, strong, smart and patient. This woman is a fantastic role model.

The governments and corporations are waging war against us. After all, you cannot reset a world with out first destroying it.

The restaurant industry has been targeted more so than any other industry as governments all over the world continue to overreact to the Covid-19(84) “pandemic”. Corduroy’s Restaurant in Vancouver has been respecting their customers privacy by not asking for a vaccine passport to dine in and this has caused the “health officials” to shut them down until they feel satisfied that they are complying with these Draconian rules. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Rebecca Matthews owner of Corduroy’s Restaurant about the orders they’ve been defying, how the government reacted to that and most importantly right now how you can help these brave freedom fighters maintain their business in these incredibly trying times!

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