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Russell Brand: Davos - "YOU'LL own nothing and YOU'LL be happy."

Fair play to Russell.

We probably disagree on solutions but at least he's talking about Davos. To the public out there, they still believe the World Economic Forum is a conspiracy theory and that the world leaders are not extending this "pandemic" to implement their desired, globalised-centralised economic system. No matter how many times THEY tell them this, they can't comprehend it. They have to watch their next Netflix show I guess.

I try and post legal, economic and medical experts to tell people what the real agenda is but people go glassy-eyed and just look at me with those zombie eyes and I can see them thinking "oh for god-sake, what is Chris on about now?!"

Whilst I urge you to subscribe to the institutions like the IMF and WEF newsletters and listen to experts (even from Harvard) saying this pandemic is bollocks, it looks like I have to resort to celebrities to get some clout!

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