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Sky Sports or YouTube have banned the word "vaccine" from their comment section

Change the word from "vaccine" to "needle" and it still gets through. I wonder why they are blocking that word though? Hmmm...

I wish football fans stopped pretending to be "real men" and "anti-establishment," and actually act like real men. They obviously care more about seeing a football match than their bodily autonomy and liberty. They were one of the first to capitulate to tyrants, just to see a football match. Are their lives that unfulfilling?


I only rate Matt Le Tissier at the moment who is consistently highlighting the real issues. At least Gary Neville can see some of the basic contradictions from the Government. And, huge shout-out to Carlisle who reduced capacity so fans would not need passports to watch the game. They recognise the vaccine pass is discriminatory.

I am a Liverpool supporter and Klopp has engaged his Nazism roots by insisting all players should be vaccinated, he won't sign any unvaccinated and will shamelessly promote the jab without knowing anything about it. He is obviously against bodily autonomy and medical freedom. Liverpool will never see any money from me again.

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