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Some "Pandemic"

Is this the next Spanish Flu? "Press X for doubt."

Let's go through some figures.

If we rewind back to April and we were being told to focus on actual deaths (not cases) we were seeing a rather interesting figure. The original total of deaths before the Government's revision (which we'll come back to) was just over 50,000.

Firstly, let's take into account the 20,000 deaths in the care homes where patients were removed from hospitals, untested and shoved in together. These deaths were said to be as a result of covid-19. However, this was not proven. As we established, there was no testing and no postmortems carried out. It is likely these deaths were as a result of many illnesses as people were all shoved in together.

The Government was caught by Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford, fraudulently recording covid-19 deaths. Any person who tested positive and later on died was recorded as a covid-19 death. Even if they were tested in March and died in June from a car accident, they would be a covid-19 death in the statistics. The Government, forced to admit to this whilst pretending they did not know from the beginning, somehow calculated 5000 deaths to be removed as a result of their investigation into this. It was probably a lot more.

A similar story was seen in Italy where a report found only 12% of the Italian deaths during that 'pandemic' were a direct result of covid-19. Remember how much the media forced the Italy story on us - the constant fear porn? It worked. Observe the true numbers in Italy during the onset in this study, look at the percentage of deaths that were of people over 80 years of age, we weren't told this by our media during the beginning.

Back to the UK, I hear a lot of people saying look at the excess deaths. Well, this was mostly attributed to people who were refused treatment or were too scared to go to hospital.

They then say it would have been worse if we didn't lockdown. Well this is simply unproven as we can observe Sweden doing a lot better than us. Sweden's also made the same mistake with their care homes, yet not implementing a lockdown seemed to have fewer deaths.

What never fails to amaze me is that this virus is so serious that we have to be tested to know we have it. We're led to believe higher cases are a bad thing. They are not. This is what is needed to achieve herd immunity and the risks are almost non-existent for people under 80. Believe it or not, higher cases are a result of more testing which has been ramped up in the last couple months. There's also lots of concern regarding the rising numbers in hospitals at the moment leading to supposed second wave. Again, I would hope common sense would kick in at some point. The people returning to hospital now are some of the backlog that was created by the NHS from refusing to treat patients during the first lockdown. Now, every patient admitted to hospital HAS to be tested for covid-19, so now they finally get their cancer treatments, but they are labelled as a covid case in the statistics. The PCR test detects genetic material and amplifies them. Everyone who has had it but is no longer symptomatic can test positive. This accounts for the very high false positive results we see happening. This is a big part in explaining the increasing hospital admittance.

Let us also not forget - the lockdown was to protect our NHS and vulnerable, whilst our Government, NHS and Public Health England tyrants whacked on blanket DNRs for everyone over 60. This should end the debate right now and prove how much of a fraud this was.

Herd immunity has become a dirty word, even 'far right' since the "pandemic" yet thousands of Doctors are saying this is needed. Unfortunately, these Doctors do not seem to be on the Bill Gates/ Pharmaceutical Corporate cash train so they do not get as much airtime as their counterparts. Neither are they included in the SAGE committee, these positions are strictly reserved for those with shareholdings in the Vaccine industry. The common sense to see that lockdowns cause future waves of infections when they're removed is also deemed as far right in this propaganda/ fear porn/ dystopian hell hole we're forced to live in. I do not understand what's happened - the libertarians are pro-free markets yet we are the ones calling out the obvious fascism that is being created through the unholy alliance of pharmaceutical corporations and Governments. The Left are so out of touch, they're demanding more lockdowns and poverty and giving this collusion a free pass. Everything has turned on its head. I am so disappointed in the Left, the one time their eyes needed to be on the corporate corruption and they drop the ball. Disappointing, but not surprising.

The media have been imposing fear and acting as the Government's propaganda machine to ensure we're all still afraid of this weak virus. This is why masks were introduced 5 months after the peak. The science is clear, masks are not effective at preventing spread of a virus, but they are very good as visual reminders we should be frightened. (Read my "Face Masks - Fact or Fiction?")

So, why are they doing this if the virus is not killings millions and has 99.99% survival rate? Well the answer is called the Great Reset organised by the World Economic Forum et al. This is to recreate the world in the 'elites' image. They want to concentrate, consolidate and centralise all power. The national economies have to be destroyed to achieve this aim as they state themselves. The Great Reset will see international think tanks, multinational corporations and global banks making decisions which our Governments implement - Does "Build Back Better" ring a bell?

This has not been voted for. This has not been asked for. But, this is what is going to begin happening in 2021 whether we want it to or not. It is your responsibility to buy the book and read it yourself. These last few months had nothing to do with a virus. It is all to do with the Great Reset, a plan that has been in the making for decades. You may think this is conspiracy theory. This isn't. The World Economic Forum is not a conspiracy theory. Read it for yourself.



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