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Step 3. What can you do?

This is about the entire economic landscape and everyone's income will be dependent on this new system.

If your friends and family disagree with you about covid-19, it doesn't matter. This new economic system ONLY benefits the powerful in society. It does not benefit you or me, it especially will not help the poorest (even when they introduce the UBI).

Your friends and family need to begin reading, watching and reflecting on what this new economic system is going to be. If they do not agree, who cares? At least they are given a heads up about this huge change that is coming and will not be taken by surprise. I speculate there will be a big economic event comparable to 9/11 which will manufacture the public to demand a new, 'safer' economic system. The demand for UBI will be created and after that, the people are completely dependent on the system.

Anyone who understands risks and benefits of centralisation knows the CBDCs are a perfect tool for tyrants.

We need to put the pressure on the Government and Bank of England, and force the discussion now, not wait until they're ready to lead it!

If one million people send the BoE emails voicing similar concerns they will have to acknowledge all the risks and we can prevent this from being implemented. The same can be done in every country with their central bank.

I have begun this process. Please feel free to copy and paste, or create your own emails to send to your MP and the Bank of England. And, do not forget to share this with your friends and family.

1. Email your MP and the Bank of England.

2. Share this with your friends and family in an email or WhatsApp.

Find your MP's email here

Bank of England email:


Email Template:

Good morning,

I am a citizen of the United Kingdom who has been following the activities of the BoE for several years.

I recently read Benoît Cœuré's speech delivered to the Bank for International Settlements titled:

Central Bank Digital Currency: The future starts today

A very interesting read it was, however I noticed vital information not being discussed in the public domain.

I would like to know why Andrew Bailey and the Government have not held a public vote on the proposed implementation of the CBDC or 'Britcoin' for Britain.

The CBDC would give total power to the Bank of England and the State, reversing the relationship between them and the British people.

The British people cannot allow this monetary transformation to occur, no matter what International Think Tanks and Banking Organisations may wish.

I would like this email forwarded on to Mr Bailey and look forward to a response from him with the acknowledgement to the facts that:

1. The British people were never asked about an introduction of a CBDC via public debate or vote.

2. The British people were never consulted about transforming the monetary system.

3. The British people do not want a cashless society.

4. The Bank of England and the Government have no right to authorise a new monetary system without the authorisation from the British people.

5. The British people do not want any form of a centralised digital currency, under any circumstance.

I can confirm if the facts were laid out honestly to the British people, and the risks/ benefits were presented accurately, the British people would not consider surrendering to this new economic system.

I look forward to a response from Mr Bailey.

Your sincerely,

Chris Nunn

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