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Study: For every 3 lives saved, 2 people die due to covid-19 vaccines

This study was referenced by Dr Malone which he says at 1 hour 37mins was completely lied about by the fact checkers.


Published in the Journal of Vaccines

Harald Walach Rainer J. Klement Wouter Aukema

1. Poznan University of the Medical Sciences, Pediatric Hospital, 60-572 Poznan, Poland 2. Department of Psychology, University of Witten/Herdecke, 58448 Witten, Germany 3. Change Health Science Institute, 10178 Berlin, Germany 4. Department of Radiation Oncology, Leopoldina Hospital, 97422 Schweinfurt, Germany 5. Independent Data and Pattern Scientist, Brinkenbergweg 1, 7351 BD Hoenderloo, The Netherlands

The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy


Background: COVID-19 vaccines have had expedited reviews without sufficient safety data. We wanted to compare risks and benefits.

Method: We calculated the number needed to vaccinate (NNTV) from a large Israeli field study to prevent one death. We accessed the Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) database of the European Medicines Agency and of the Dutch National Register ( to extract the number of cases reporting severe side effects and the number of cases with fatal side effects.

Result: The NNTV is between 200–700 to prevent one case of COVID-19 for the mRNA vaccine marketed by Pfizer, while the NNTV to prevent one death is between 9000 and 50,000 (95% confidence interval), with 16,000 as a point estimate. The number of cases experiencing adverse reactions has been reported to be 700 per 100,000 vaccinations. Currently, we see 16 serious side effects per 100,000 vaccinations, and the number of fatal side effects is at 4.11/100,000 vaccinations. For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination.

Conclusions: This lack of clear benefit should cause governments to rethink their vaccination policy.

Full PDF below

Download PDF • 365KB

Push back has come as "scientists quit journal board" in protest of this study.

Their complaint is as follows:

“The data has been misused because it makes the (incorrect) assumption that all deaths occurring post vaccination are caused by vaccination,” Ewer wrote in an email. “[And] it is now being used by anti-vaxxers and COVID-19-deniers as evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are not safe. [This] is grossly irresponsible, particularly for a journal specialising in vaccines.”

Replace "covid-19 vaccines" with "covid-19 virus" and they make the same point about the whole "pandemic."


It just so happens the scientists who stepped down, were involved with AstraZeneca.

It seems they've retracted study now due to peer pressure. I thought science involved debate and actual science if there are two opposing hypothesis? I guess those with the right contacts can pull the most weight.

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