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Sunetra Gupta - There isn’t a case for mass ‘booster’ jabs

Many pathogens are capable of repeatedly infecting us but only cause severe disease and death upon first exposure. Provided our first infection occurs when we are babies and protected by maternal antibodies or while we retain cross-protection from other related pathogens, deaths will remain largely confined to those who have become vulnerable due to immune senescence or the development of predisposing conditions....

Full article here

Technically, she is a hypocrite as way back in the beginning she clearly stated only the vulnerable should be offered the vaccine. She says the vaccines have been effective but they are clearly not. They are a joke and we have no idea of what the effects will be in years to come. If they worked, you would not need 'boosters' after 12 weeks. It's a scam.

However, I believe she has to play ball to have access to the mainstream media.

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