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Supreme Court knocks down ‘covid passport’ to enter bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Andalucia

Campaign to help people understand electricity bills launched in Malaga by the Malaga Town Council.

Both Spaniards and expats alike are feeling the pinch with the new electricity pricing system which began at the start of June. Electricity prices in Spain have hit record highs recently too.

The Malaga Town Council has set out to help everybody understand the system and save money. The council through the Department of Commerce, Public Street Management and Promotion of Business Activity have been developing a campaign to help people understand the new electricity bill. The aim of the initiative is to clearly explain to people how the changes, which took place to the electricity billing system on June 1, affect them.

The change which was put forward by the central government came into force in June after being approved in the of Royal Decree-Law 148/2021 on March 9. The system determines how electricity prices are calculated.

Many expats are feeling the pinch of the rising costs and one expat EWN reader said: “The new system is confusing, I never remember when the really cheap electricity is. It’s also hard to plan your day around when electricity is the cheapest.”

The Malaga Council hope that the campaign will help everybody understand the system. They also aim to raise awareness around being efficient with the use of electricity to give people savings. The campaign also includes information on environmental sustainability too.

According to the town hall: “An information leaflet has been designed and distributed in the eleven districts of the city through the District Councils and the municipal offices for citizen attention (OMAC), as well as the Consumer Office. A website has also been created.”

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