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TCW: The UN, Covid and climate change

THE hysterical global response to Covid-19 has led to the implementation of socialist and fascist policies in the West that were inconceivable only two years ago. But this collapse of Western values hasn’t happened overnight. The West has been softened up for such destruction over decades.

On the back of this, just one and half years of ‘Project Covid Fear’ has made populations silent and compliant and, worse, created a cadre of State-backed useful idiots who demonise anyone who disagrees with the new Establishment narrative and view.

Long before government propagandists such as Sage and Independent Sage began to practise their dark arts of brainwashing, the United Nations had started beating Westerners into submission through a number of sustained ideological and financial offensives.

It has relentlessly undermined principles and ideals such as freedom, free market capitalism, the nation state, patriotism, marriage and Judeo-Christian moral values. Its stakeholding ‘scientism’ partners in crime, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (GF) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), have been active in the process.

It accelerated the destabilisation of nation states like Britain with its punishing pact on migrants, making it illegal to criticise the damaging effects of uncontrolled immigration into the West. Any attempt to restrict the flow of migrants to Europe has been jumped on by the UN, shaming governments into withholding resources from their own citizens in favour of illegal immigrants. Inconceivable though it seems, countries like Britain happily signed up to what I described at the time ‘as a concentrated effort to impoverish the West’.

Britain is very obedient, uniquely executing the UN’s command to spend 0.7 per cent of GDP on foreign aid, enriching the despots of the developing world and wealthy NGOs at the expense of its own citizens.

But to criticise any of these protocols is to risk being accused of a multiple of woke sins, and to be shamed, hounded and silenced. Most of the West is burdened with political leadership that now actively work against their own peoples. With willing political and cultural collaborators as leaders, the West has allowed the UN to reduce it to a weak, navel-gazing, corrupt collective. This can only strengthen and consolidate the power base of those who seek the fall of the West. A divided, lost society is one that is easily conquered by its enemies.

Seeing who dominates the UN makes this unsurprising. Despotic regimes now have seats at its table and voting rights. Anti-democratic and human rights-abusing China is its rising star, even moulding the UN in its own image. The current UN Human Rights Council includes bastions of non-democracy like China, Bangladesh, Mauritania, Philippines, Sudan and Venezuela. It is these countries who dictate global policies on health, climate change, human rights and immigration despite their own grievous human rights abuses.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), a UN subsidiary, is another politicised outfit that attacks the West and cosies up to Islamic states and African dictators while acting as a puppet for China. In 2020, China became the second largest funder of the WHO, giving it $57.4million. This buys a lot of influence, most visible in the WHO’s support of the CCP’s anti-science lockdown propaganda.

The CCP’s global ambitions are relentless, expanding its power and control through an economic colonisation of the world. Their Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is central. If a country defaults on a BRI debt, China takes over any infrastructure, such as ports and mines, built via BRI finance. It therefore suits China well for countries, including those in the West, to have disrupted their economics through implementing lockdowns.

The CCP wields its financial influence in the UN like a sword. In 2019, for example, China bribed the Cameroon government into withdrawing their candidate for a prestigious UN post by slashing $78million off a debt owed through BRI investments.

Of course the CCP isn’t the only culprit pulling the WHO’s strings. The GF and Bill Gates’s vaccine facilitator, Gavi, are the third and fourth largest funders of the WHO, with the GF being the only non-member state with a seat at the WHO table.

Conveniently for them the WHO is campaigning for Covid-19 vaccine ‘equity’, claiming that it is ‘racist’ to question the efficiency of these vaccines. ‘Vaccine inequality’ is the new buzzword used to demonise the West. The GF and Gavi obsession with worldwide vaccination is unimpeded by a WHO which, with China, they now dominate.

Arguably the WHO’s main function is to enrich and empower the CCP and the GF, with cowardly Western governments kowtowing to its dictates on to Covid-19. Britain paid the WHO a vast $464million in 2018/19 to further this cause. In another of his shows of obtuseness, Boris Johnson decided last year to increase this payment by 30 per cent, setting up Britain to become the WHO’s largest state donor.

Britain pays a lot of money to be harangued and bullied by the UN. Together with its climate change agenda, Covid-19 has given the UN a further weapon in its war against the West.

THE most punitive of the United Nations’ policies is its Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030, designed, it seems, to cripple the once economically strong West in the name of climate change.

The UN appears obsessed with climate change, as do their comrades the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (GF) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). The West is fast bankrupting itself to follow the orders of these climate change cultists. Over the past 20 months, Covid-19 has conveniently presented additional opportunities for these organisations to fulfil their destructive goals of Agenda 2030. Western governments are letting the anti-Semitic, anti-West UN implement a global tyranny, betraying their countries to those who view the West with contempt and jealousy.

Last December, I described the love-in between Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF. Both men praise lockdowns for lowering carbon emissions, while ignoring the fact that lockdowns have destroyed millions of lives, and will kill far more than Covid-19 ever will.

As I have repeatedly shown, the GF is highly influential within the UN. Their tentacles extend not only into the World Health Organisation but also into funding Agenda 2030, benefiting China and the WEF.

The WEF are also linked to the UN. In June 2019, the two bodies signed an agreement to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, noting that climate change and health, among others, were priorities. Schwab stressed the need to focus on ‘global health threats’ and meeting the ‘needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’; for which read the implementation of a global medical tyranny and digital slavery, and the obliteration of prosperous economies in the name of ‘carbon neutrality’.

What is not common knowledge is the role China plays in this climate change agenda. Strangely, the country invests in green energy overseas even though it’s responsible for almost one third of global carbon emissions over the past 20 years. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has invested over $47billion in the countries colonised by their project, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Renewable energy investments make up 57 per cent of China’s foreign energy investments.

As it does for the WEF and GF, it suits China for Western countries to be plunged into penury. The GF want a return on their investment in vaccines. The CCP want similar for their investments in green energy, and won’t hesitate to use every trick available to them to ensure this happens, as they have done by spreading lockdown propaganda and destabilising the US through anarchist groups.

The dominance of China, both in the world and at the UN, is bolstered by the CCP’s connections to the WEF. As far back as 2012, the WEF was already championing Xi Jinping, praising him for his uncontested power. The WEF is also a fan of the CCP’s imperialist BRI which has destroyed mining communities in Zimbabwe, bought the CCP favours at the UN, and encouraged Islamic countries to ignore the imprisonment of Uighur Muslims in concentration camps.

The WEF website has multiple articles on China, all reading like a propagandist mouthpiece for the CCP, with the latest ones lavishly praising Xi Jinping for his speech at Davos in January. Any organisation which acts as a cheerleader for such a brutal colonialist power is deeply suspect. Yet the Tories and Prince Charles, a WEF guest speaker and enthusiast, seemingly overlook this in their eagerness to please Schwab. Perhaps they are hoping to be rewarded for their loyalty.

Thanks to their enablers at the GF and WEF, the CCP has managed to conquer the West without firing a single shot. We are being turned into a medicated cash cow by those who despise it, forced to keep on giving up much needed resources to the UN climate change gangsters. Agenda 2030 is nothing more than a money-making racket for the corrupt despots in the Islamist – and CCP-dominated UN. But any attempts to disobey or question these overlords results in shunning and shaming.

With their demonstrations and protests BLM, climate change zealots like Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg groupies are useful idiots for these organisations. The CCP would never have let Thunberg admonish them, together with other world leaders, at the UN’s Climate Action Summit in 2019, if it didn’t fit in with their long game to be the world’s superpower.

The global implementation of Agenda 2030 is the ultimate goal of those who run the UN, GF, WEF and CCP. They are motivated by either zealotry, similar in its destructive force to Islamic fundamentalism, or by money. They have strong connections with each other, and vested interests in socially engineering countries into authoritarianism, hooking whole populations on endless vaccines and making them compliant enough to obey the commands of Agenda 2030.

The destruction of basic freedoms in the name of a virus with a low mortality rate should concern any thinking person. That so many don’t seem to care shows how well the brainwashing campaign has worked. It has given these megalomaniacs pointers on how to run a similar one based on climate change. Those who think vaccine passports will be used only to monitor Covid-19 vaccines are deluding themselves. How better to ensure complete obedience by unruly, freedom-loving Westerners to Agenda 2030 than to scare them with a virus, followed by CCP -style digital slavery in the form of vaccine passports? The only ones who benefit are these elites, responsible for the dystopia we find ourselves living in.

To shape the world in their image, they must first destroy it. They are succeeding.


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