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Texas Man With Natural Immunity Forced to Get Covid-19 Vaccine To Remain On Lung Transplant Waitlist

A Texas man died following his second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine after he was forced by doctors to take the jab in order to remain on the lung transplant waitlist.

Bobby , 49, had natural immunity against Covid and was on a waitlist for new lungs due to his COPA syndrome, a rare genetic autoimmune disorder. According to his wife, Amy, doctors who evaluated him for a double lung transplant found that he had only 15 percent lung capacity.

After he was approved for a transplant and placed on the waitlist, he was told he needed to get vaccinated against Covid019 to remain eligible despite the fact he had already recovered from the virus.

Amy said: “Our entire family actually came down with COVID in Dec. 2020. When that happened to Bobby, he was immediately given the antibody transfusion. His transplant team was certain that because of his minimal lung capacity this would be certain death for him, but he didn’t really have any side effects from it. A loss of smell was all that really lingered for him.”

Whilst doctors pressured Bobby to get vaccinated, Amy tried to push back. She didn’t understand why they wanted him to get the jab even though he already had antibodies to protect him against Covid-19 due to his previous infection.

In the end, Bobby took the vaccine to stay on the transplant waitlist. On April 17th, he became fully vaccinated after taking a second dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Shortly after getting the jab, Bobby, unfortunately, developed a pulmonary embolism and atrial fibrillation. The latter is a heart condition that has a range of symptoms including irregular heartbeats, chest pain, and extreme fatigue.

After developing these heart conditions, Bobby’s health began to rapidly deteriorate. On August 20th, he passed away. He never received his new lungs.

Amy said: “In the medical field, your goal is supposed to be to improve and save people’s lives, and instead you’re giving them one option – you either do this or you can’t get a life-saving transplant.

“People have the right to take the shot if that is what they think is best for them. I never felt like this was best for him … ever, ever, ever. And to be told again that you can either do this or not be eligible for transplant left him in a space of complete desperation – and he did it out of complete desperation.”

In the United States, there are many other cases where unvaccinated patients are being forced to take the vaccine or face being removed from organ transplant waitlists.

“Health experts” argue that it is necessary for organ transplant recipients to get jabbed in order to stay safe.

Dr Camille Kotton, clinical director of transplant and immunocompromised host infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital claimed: “Transplant patients are much more vulnerable to infection, and transplant patients are among the higher risk for developing severe life-threatening COVID-19.”

However, the choice of getting vaccinated should ultimately be left in the hands of patients who, at the end of the day, understand what is best for their health and should not be threatened with being withheld treatment for refusing to get the jab.


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