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The Censorship Continues as PayPal Shuts Down FLCCC & More Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles Taken Down

Unprecedented levels of censorship have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. The level and intensity of this censorship accelerated with the incoming POTUS starting in January 2021. While TrialSite itself has faced censorship as factual articles about ivermectin studies, for example, have been taken down from social media sites—not because there was any misinformation but because the words triggered an algorithm. But the levels of information suppression become more insidious and nefarious by the day.

TrialSite reports that PayPal suddenly—and without any warning whatsoever—shut down the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) PayPal account recently, so the group would not be able to sustain its non-profit operation. Of course, the FLCCC has advocated for early-onset treatment of COVID-19 patients in addition to vaccination and sound public health policies. After the fact, the FLCCC received a notice that their account was permanently limited and that no further transactions using PayPal would be permitted. They were instructed to remove all references to PayPal from their website. In parallel, Facebook imposed new limitations on the group of doct...

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