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The Corruption Is So Obvious. They Think You're Stupid


Pfizer’s latest board member, appointed in 2020, not only was the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation from 2014 to 2020, but also served as the lead independent director of Facebook.

Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann’s present and previous positions make for a cosy relationship for Pfizer, but questionable conflict of interest in that Facebook has routinely censored posts related to Covid injections while Gates and his foundation promote Covid injections as the answer to disease. “Potentially presenting another conflict of interest, Hellmann also serves on President Joe Biden’s council of advisers on science and technology,” The National Pulse added.

In related news, the Pulse pointed out that the chairman and former CEO of Reuters news agency, James C. Smith, is also a Pfizer board member and top investor who serves on Pfizer’s corporate governance and science and technology committees.

“The news raises serious conflict of interest concerns as corporate media outlets such as Reuters continue to promote Pfizer products, defend pharmaceuticals companies from criticism and move to silence sceptics,” The National Pulse said.


  • The National Pulse December 6, 2021

  • The National Pulse December 1, 2021

Also, Nadhim Zahawi


Dr Tess Lawrie shares INCREDIBLE info here. Dr Andrew Hill, a Unitaid IVM researcher CHANGED his mind on releasing a study PROVING the efficacy of Ivermectin because his Unitaid funders gave him £40million in funding for his grants.

Dana talks with Dr. Tess Lawrie - Director of Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy in the UK (; Consultant to The WHO and The National Health Service, and Co-Founder of the BiRD Group (, on the effectiveness of 'Eye-fur-mech-ten', and exposing her conversation with Dr. Hill of The WHO who leaned towards the results a funding sponsor wanted, as opposed to the actual medical data that Dr. Lawrie and her team had analyzed and organized.

Go and see the data for yourself, and everything that Dr. Tess Lawrie and her team are doing: Bird Group webpage follow Bird Group on telegram video page A better way for good health Live streams for good health Health Protocols


Justin Welby of the Church of England demanded people get the vaccine as it is a moral issue and that "Jesus would get it."

But, look what Welby is a prominent member of:

Well well well.....



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