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The Monetary Wisdom of E. C. Riegel

The Monetary Wisdom of E. C. Riegel: An annotated précis of Private Enterprise Money,with

commentary compiled by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

All page numbers correspond to those in the print edition of the book, Private Enterprise Money by E. C. Riegel. New York: Harbinger House, 1944.

Emphasis added in bold

I have long credited E. C. Riegel as the foremost authority in shaping my understanding of money and the process of reciprocal exchange. His penetrating insights and proposals for a new independent system for the exchange of value have provided a solid foundation for my own work of developing improved exchange mechanisms that I consider to be crucial to the future of civilization.

Riegel’s book, Private Enterprise Money, published in 1944, is perhaps the most complete and concise statement of his insights and proposals. For that reason I have undertaken the task to extract what I consider to be Riegel’s most important insights, interpret for the contemporary reader the passages that seem difficult to understand, and articulate the few points on which I disagree with Riegel. With that said, I urge every serious student of money and exchange to read Riegel’s book, Private Enterprise Money, in its entirety, as well as Riegel’s other works which are available to be freely downloaded from my website,

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