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The NHS100k - NHS workers against vaccine mandates

The NHS100k was formed to encourage NHS and care staff to stand together against vaccine mandates, whether vaccinated or not, to protect public healthcare by defending the jobs of the 100,000+ NHS staff who have not been vaccinated.

In this episode I am delighted to be joined tonight by Lilith, a long standing parademic and activist, who is helping to coordinate the NHS100k campaign. This interview was recorded before this weeks vote but we are streaming LIVE where we will discuss:

- The individual right to choose, regardless of profession

- The false claims about the need for NHS workers to be vaccinated to protect the public and the healthcare system

- How staff losses as a result of vaccine mandates and booster requirements with result in future staff losses and deteriotation of public healthcare given existing demands and a record patient backlog.- The hypocrisy of delaying the mandates until Spring;

if unvaccinated NHS staff are deemed a danger to the public, then surely they would be removed now and not be asked to prop up the NHS during winter pressures only to be rewarded for their efforts by being sacked in April. You can find out more about the NHS100k campaign and take action here:

Currently around 88,000 NHS workers will not be vaccinated:

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