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The Only Two Questions You Need To Disprove Mandatory Vaccination

Like all of us, I have been trying to think of really succinct ways to convey to people why vaccine mandates are a loss for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are no magic words we can present the "average Joe" to have the veil lifted from their eyes and expose them to the real world. That is for them to find by themselves in their own time, should they choose too.

However, there are two questions you can ask them to make their mandatory vaccination arguments completely void.

Take away this particular covid-19 situation and ask these as a generality:

Given that every single medication that has ever been created may always kill people as a side effect, no matter how common or safe it may be...

1. All medication carries it's risks, therefore, if you believe that mandating a vaccine is necessary to personally keep you safe, would you be okay with someone you love dying from it, if they had happened to be that one in a million who had a bad reaction? Are you sure it is you're right to take away their choice given you can never guarantee 100% safety in any medication?

2. Given that all of human existence (especially the medical industry) is rife with mistakes and that nothing, no one and no industry is infallible - is it logical or reasonable to enforce any medical treatment especially those that are irreversible? If so, why?

Use this Harvard Source to show there are risks with even the safest medications, therefore, no medication should or could ever be made mandatory if people really care about their loved ones.

I hope you found this helpful.


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