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The people you once clapped for, you now want fired - Fire Chief rejects the vaccine, gets fired

I remember when the world stood outside and clapped for the "essential workers."

Now, the same people are ready to see them fired because they do not want a "vaccine."

When they worked on the front-line during the peak of this illness and we were still unsure what this was, these people were at home watching Netflix.

And now, these people have the gall to fall for the Government's fear mongering and fire the people who actually protect and help them.

By the way, MPs are not required to be "vaccinated."

If this was me, I'd be ashamed and embarrassed.

Below are some video clips of people being fired for not wanting the vaccine in a free country.


Honolulu Fire Captain Kaimi Pelekai on why he is against the vaccine mandate:

UK Care workers forced to resign because they do not want the vaccine:

Houston nurses:

There's hundreds of these sort of videos to pick from. Have a look for yourself.

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