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The rules are for us plebs, not for the "important people"

If the G7, Neil Ferguson and Dominic Cummings incidents have not shown you what the real deal is yet, perhaps Matt Hancock's affair can help you see the light.

These people are not worried about the virus and never have been. Like myself, they are well aware of the data and realised early on this about something much deadlier and dangerous - global societal transformation. However, that's not what this blog is about today.

Matt Hancock - "too busy saving lives", or more accurately - "too busy porking wives."

Remember when he said couples shouldn't see each other for months at a time because of the virus?! I haven't.

He's a disgrace and belongs in prison for being a traitor and instigating crimes against humanity. I'd go as far as to suggest "attempted genocide." But, he's clearly being thrown to the wolves and will be one of the fall guys - he's served his purpose and now he's free to be disposed of. He's so stupid he probably actually believed he was in "The Club."

Let's remind ourselves on what Matt Hancock said in regards to Neil Ferguson back in the day:

Now, we have traitor number two who presents a true reflection what the political class think of us.

MP John Whittingdale inadvertently provided an insight into the hypocrisy of lockdown when he said that “people who are important” shouldn’t have to follow the same COVID-19 quarantine rules as the rest of the population. Obviously!

He was speaking about special measures that allow UEFA officials and multi-millionaire football players to enter the UK to take part in the Euro 2020.

While ordinary Brits cannot even go on holiday to most destinations and have to quarantine on return, the government has changed the rules to enable VIPs with a “Euro 2020 invite” to avoid having to self-isolate or quarantine when they arrive in the country. Thankfully, the viruses and scariants are also aware of these rules and happen to play by the same ones!

“The list of those allowed to bypass the government’s quarantine restrictions include executive members of UEFA, members of the council of FIFA and senior executives of the companies sponsoring Euro 2020,” reports Sky News.

Responding to the issue, Whittingdale told Sky News that ‘important people’ were exempt from the restrictions.

First we were told who was, and who wasn't an essential worker (straight out of Orwell) then we have the political class all over the world not following their own restrictions, from the California Governor - to Fauci - to Nancy Pelosi - to Matt Hancock, even to Sky News's very own, Kay Burley!

Do you get it yet? It's all a sham.

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