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The Telegraph confirm what 'conspiracy theorists' said 18 months ago

Telegraph Journalists Laura Donnelly and Harry Yorke claim majority of covid hospitalisations are patients who tested positive AFTER they were admitted to hospital with something else.

Vast numbers of people were being labelled as 'hospitalised by covid' when in reality they were admitted to hospital for something else and covid was only picked up during routine testing.

This is undisputable evidence of fraud. The government has always known this, yet they lied for 18 months.

There were never attempts to distinguish the difference in admissions.

When someone came in with any illness, they were given a PCR test and listed as 'covid hospitalisations'. The test has been thoroughly discredited as it returns a high rate of false positives.

This is irrefutable proof of corruption, fraud, and it still continues today.

Full article here.

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