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The UK is the first to approve Pfizer's vaccine. Great news?

Here is some basic information for people to consider regarding the coronavirus vaccine.

Here is what the vaccine is:

It is an mRNA vaccine which is not a dead virus being injected into you. It is viral DNA injected into you with the purpose of being "switched on" to produce an immune response.

RNA vaccines

1. mRNA vaccines have never been used before.

2. The majority of individuals tested in the trials were very healthy while people with severe comorbidities were poorly represented.

3. There are no long term trials.

4. No traditional vaccines have been developed - every vaccine producer is using this new, untested method.

5. All vaccines against the SARS-COV-2 virus are still officially still on trial. Pfizer won’t be completed until January 29th 2023

What will it do and not do?

1. It will not prevent transmission.

2. It will decrease symptoms experienced.

3. It may not create lasting antibodies.

4. Definitive doses are unknown as we are still part of the experimental phase. 5. We will still need to wear masks and social distance after taking it.

Do we need mRNA vaccines to defeat sars-cov-2?

1. No.

2. Researchers have an incomplete understanding of the coronavirus and are using technology that’s largely unproven.

3. Recently recovered COVID-19 patients produce varying virus-specific antibodies.

4. T cell reactivity to SARS-CoV-2 epitopes is also detected in non-exposed individuals.

5. Former Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer says second wave is a fraud and that pandemic is over.

6. The vaccine hijacks your own body's immune cells to produce immune responses at a lower efficacy rate than your immune system does naturally.

Does it genetically modify your DNA?

No. These are DNA vaccines which are in the pipeline. However, due to the patent laws, this could muddy the waters. But, this probably needs a separate blog.

William A Haseltine

A scientist, businessman, author, and philanthropist who was a professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health. I have linked his articles on the trials which were most enlightening.

1. Some vaccines worsen the consequences of infection rather than protect, a phenomenon called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

2. Human COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Unnecessary, Uninformative, and Unethical.

3. Vaccine protocols DESIGNED to succeed.

Are Pfizer trustworthy? 1. No. They bribed Nigerian officials in fatal drug trial.

2. They along with every other pharmaceutical company have been granted legal immunity

3. The UK Government are so confident they have created an AI program to track all adverse reactions produced.

My thoughts

I do not believe RNA vaccines are necessary. I do not believe we even need a vaccine for this virus. Our immune systems have a better efficacy rate. The people most at risk i.e. the elderly who may be considered for a vaccine were poorly represented. It was all healthy people with few or no comorbidities. Yet, it is deemed safe for everyone and even more remarkably, everyone gets the same dose. I believe this is a fraud and a racket. It serves only to make billions for certain interests many of which are well represented in our SAGE committee. I urge all to seriously consider the dodgy science and funding. Always follow the money.

Ask yourself, if you removed the fear porn, would you believe this virus was really this deadly to warrant untested, long term, experimental vaccines? When this is rolled out, we are still part of the trial. We are the guinea pigs for this new technology.

The science and contradictions should be clear enough, the more important point for me is all the talk about mandatory health passports and subtle coercion of this experiment. I believe we need to seriously consider the following:

If you submit to taking a vaccine you know you do not need, or indeed willingly let the Government inject you via covert threats of withholding your right to a normal life, you can no longer claim ownership of your body, mind or self. Forced medical procedures are incompatible with free people. This was specifically highlighted in the Nuremberg code. If you cross this road, you open the doorway to many more terrifying prospects. It's a road, if you cross, you cannot come back from. The Government can now claim ownership of you "for the greater good" and do as it sees fit. Please, just think about the philosophical ramifications of what you're condoning, as well as the actual practical need of this global experiment.

If considering these points make you an "antivaxxer" then so be it. I'd rather trust my own reading and research than the filth masquerading as mainstream media journalism.



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