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The World Economic Forum are telling us what the next couple years will hold

The World Economic Forum have been busy!

They have released a number of reports "warning" us of possible threats to come in the next few years. (Obviously it is definitely not them or the intelligence agencies!)

They are just extremely clever people who are able to predict future, provide immediate solutions, that just so happen to benefit their agenda. That's all.

The Global Risks Report 2021 - 16th Edition

- Extreme weather is the number one likelihood apparently. This is lying the pathway to the Green Movement and restriction of rights, including climate lockdowns.

- Cyber attacks will be the norm. Again, it is only the WEF who are predicting it, and it is already happening at multiple locations across the world.

- Digital inclusivity which is just another buzzword to get everyone. Perhaps this is how we "combat" the cyber pandemics - registration to use the internet. No spread of facts allowed.

- Asset prices and economies failing. Pretty self explanatory - it's like lockdowns are bad or something...

The Post Covid-19 Financial System

- Again, do you remember voting to change the global financial system?

I suggest reading it for yourself, but if you do not have the time, Miles has a great breakdown:

And lastly, my favourite of the three.

The World Economic Forum tell us how to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

3 tactics to overcome COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

They literally advocate for use of propaganda and manipulation of "feelings" - that is illegal. They call it "advertising theory" - completely illegal for emergency use, experimental therapies.

Read this excerpt:

"The vaccine-hesitant population has developed strong feelings against it, so using information sources trusted by these people could improve their feelings about the vaccine. Research indicates those that are hesitant trust medical providers, political and faith-based leaders to provide “think”-based knowledge about medical decisions, but are more likely to rely on their communities to provide the “feel” or emotion-based conviction for decisions.

One nurse in Louisiana deployed a particularly effective tactic. She called her vaccine-hesitant patients to talk about how she had been a vaccine skeptic but changed her mind after her husband passed away due to COVID-19.

In the US state of Oregon, Native American tribes have seen relatively high vaccination rates. Among initiatives rolled out by these communities to encourage vaccinations, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians has used direct phone calls, discussions, and social media apps to get family and friends vaccinated.

Another way to improve vaccine sceptics’ feelings is to play into a fear of missing out (FOMO), both socially and economically."

Read that last paragraph again. That is illegal.

Finally read this excerpt:

"First, incentives can work. Several US states and cities provide cash incentives and free transportation, or create lotteries and large block parties to incentivise vaccinations. Businesses should also be encouraged to contribute by providing paid time-off, free products and lottery giveaways.

Enhancing the convenience of getting vaccinated is another useful tactic. In business, we call this “going to your market” or, in this case, “taking the vaccine to the patients”. For example, the Primary Health Network in Pennsylvania, US created a mobile health unit to provide pop-up clinics in rural and underserved areas with larger vaccine-hesitant populations. The Southwest Health System in Colorado created “vaccine swat teams” to reach long-term care facilities and homebound residents who experienced difficulty getting to mass vaccination sites. Such approaches provide proactive micro-vaccination sites tailored for the vaccine-hesitant, procrastinators, and rejectors, in contrast to mass vaccination sites for those eager to get vaccinated."

This is the opposite of informed consent. This whole article is illegal. We are in for a hard time this autumn.

I am certain the next drive of this insane "pandemic" will be the complete demonisation of the unvaccinated. The public will be told we are "virus factories" and we need to lockdown whilst the unvaccinated refuse to get the vaccine. They will keep saying it is the new variants that "break through" the vaccine wall. However, the truth is - coronaviruses cannot be vaccinated against. This was GCSE biology. It may get nasty.

Will the public finally see through this charade or will they blame the "unvaccinated" which includes children? We'll find out soon.

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