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Trial Site News: Global Health And The Politics Of Catastrophe

Note that views expressed in this opinion article are the writer’s personal views and not necessarily those of TrialSite.By David Bell, MD, PHD

Imagine control of all future responses to virus outbreaks – influenza, for instance – being dictated to the entire world by a cadre of unelected health bureaucrats in a distant country or continent? A repeat of the past two years every time there is a bad flu – but without a control group such as Sweden or Tanzania demonstrating a less harmful alternative? Welcome to COVID-19 Version ##, a future the World Health Organization (WHO) is aiming to realize through a process just agreed in Geneva with your governments.

Most Western people had previously considered the WHO to be a benign, do-good group of people in Geneva dealing with the problems of ‘others’, somewhere where they are presumably needed. We had democracies that looked after ‘us’, governments chosen and held accountable by us, and we never needed the WHO. But it was comforting to know the WHO was there, for others.

The past two years should have changed that perception. The WHO is a primary architect of the unprecedented abrogation of basic societal rights and freedoms t...

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