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Trucker Protest Sweeps The World - lets be careful with our optimism

The trucker rebellion in Canada is a perfect example of forms of resistance that will be made obsolete by automation, AI and kill-switches on car engines. Somewhere right now there's an NGO or Think Tank drafting a report with a bland title such as: ''Supply Chain Vulnerabilities, Solutions Going Forward'' Which will be crammed with bureaucratic jargon but in essence mean: ''We can't have the eaters controlling choke points anymore''


Klaus Schwab once said: “We have to prepare for an angrier world.” Also, Klaus Schwab: “We have penetrated their presidents and high level cabinet members” To be clear: it’s not that the “covid narrative is crumbling” somehow. The play here is removal of all confidence in national governments. Burn it all down, that from the ashes shall rise their NWO. I’m not saying the trucker convoy is somehow bad. I AM saying we need to know what we are building as an alternative to their technocratic dystopia, and focus on building that future now, and fast. DECENTRALIZE EVERYTHING!

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